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What the heck is THIS? Space explosion?

"I don't recognize the "explosion" as an astronomical phenomenon" said the expert... WHAT?
And the Vatican expert (WHO?) says "It could be some sort of light refraction?" WHAT?
What the bleep, folks! This is crazy! I don't know if I want NASA to weigh in or not, but it would be nice if someone could assure me it is not what it looks like...

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It was Newt's moonbase or his head..

Both very large and tend to be somewhere in space. Maybe it was his moonbase crashing into his head?


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Maybe those Mayans were a couple days off..

and it was an asteroid coming at us and we smashed it. Lol!




I have been waiting for this moment since the encounter. I always look up hoping to see a galactic battle taking place, perhaps soon, we'll all be seeing it.

er... weather-balloon.. sigh

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actually does look like a weather balloon, even the "orbiter"


Want to see one from the perspective of the weather balloon?

They reach a certain height and due to pressure and temperature changes, explode in a manner like that. The "orbiter" looks like it might be the tethered payload whose aplomb dangling could appear as "orbiting" from a ground perspective far enough away to obscure the tether.

Some sky coordinates where the video was recorded would help if it is to be anything else.

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OK, could be.

Seems like "the experts" would have come up with that, and it does not look quite the same to me, but certainly a possibility. Thanks.

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Sure does

Wouldn't you think that an astronomer staring into the sky for his whole lifetime might have suggested that?!

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I like your explaination


It appears to me

Looks like someone is elimination old space junk, or preparing for space wars.




That is what my art appreciation teacher taught me to say if I was ever asked to comment on an art piece I did not like. Thanks for saying something anyway! I'm here thinking "Someone is in space blowing things up? BIG things up?" is pretty mind blowing stuff, but here in the land of perma-blown minds, nothing is surprising!

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Lol sorry. I didn't mean it

Lol sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I really did think it was interesting. I mean, assuming it's real and not a fake/hoax, I have no idea what it is.