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Cop has questions about Sandy Hook.


Part 2 (thanks Kellidor)


Edit: Comments want me to post more description here to get more of you to watch it. Umm..... So this interview is a cop, and he has some REALLY GOOD questions about Sandy Hook. You should watch this and find out if his questions are questions you should be asking.

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Some very thought provoking questions for sure.

Thanks for posting...and thanks for all your efforts on the whole Sandy Hook topic.

Robbie Parker reading from cue card?

Ran across this article and after watching the video again, they may be right:

"Sandy Hook mind-blower: Newtown shooting victim's father, Robbie Parker, is seen laughing just before his on-camera interview, as he inquires about whether or not he should just 'read the card.' (As in... cue card?) 'Yeah, just read the card,' a man replies, off-camera."


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An example of what the media should be.

Another 'Excellent' find fishyculture

And I'm curious if anyone has an idea about how the local law officials are squelched...
How are they suppressing the facts?

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thanks for the post, I like how in this interview even when they disagree they are civil and they are just out to find the truth.

Yes, you are right; an EXCELLENT ...

radio interview!


those things still concern me too. The one thing I disagree with him is on is his jump to assume based on the official story that the mom was negligent in letting her mentally ill son have access to firearms. There is no evidence that he was mentally ill at all- nothing I have seen. Also, there is no evidence shown that she didn't have her guns locked up.

She very well might have had her guns locked up and he figured out how to get in. We don't know because everything is so secret. Also, since medical records are also secret we might never know if he was even seeing anyone. He was old enough to refuse his own mom access to his records as well.

I would expect that the

I would expect that the biggest hurdle for gun owners buying a well constructed gun safe is money. Based on the information that has come out she certainly was making more than enough money to afford even some of the more expensive gun safes.

I simply don't buy that she had them in a position that they could so easily be accessed.

More and more

people are doing their homework on this and calling Bull****. Nothing is what it seems here.

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wow, wasn't expecting much out of this interview

but it was awesome! Some of the best insight I have heard regarding sandy hook. Was really good to hear this coming from law enforcement as well.

Had to sub their youtube channel.

Part 2


Hey Fishyculture, Good interview. Here's part 2 if you want to add it to your post. Thx.

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A short note relating to the substance of the video

would be greatly appreciated.

Thread downvoted.

I gave you that.

The title - that is what it is.

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Everyone should watch this...



I thought it was common practice to give some brief notes along with the posted video.


Just curious why is there a

Just curious why is there a necessity for a 'lone' gunman? Why would that narrative be preferred to a couple of guys with a chip on their shoulder carrying something out? Is there some psychological payoff for the lone gunman narrative?

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It's more scarierer when only one person can kill so many so quickly. More than one person just isn't impressive!! It's either lone gunman or it's not coming out! (In my best media CEO voice)

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We are very, very distressed that so much information is being withheld from the public. We are very, very distressed that the Media refuses to do their job. And, we are VERY, VERY DISTRESSED that Eric Holder would fly down to Connecticut and interfere with the first responsders to the scene. Why was he there? What reason would he have had to even talk to these local police and law enforcement officers and local deputy coroners and Chief Coroner?

The mere fact that now the police administration is saying this investigation?? would take months?? Really! With such a cut and dry case, with the murderer right there? I think we know what is going on. Where are the men the police arrested that were seen handcuffed in a "prone" position? Where are these men that were seen inside a police car? What is going on here?

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT.....NEVER.....I repeat....NEVER......obfuscate the true facts of such a horrific crime........UNLESS.....they have been tapped by the FEDS to shut up. Facts do not change with the wind either. Questions are answered!

We just had a homicide here in my city recently. The facts came out. There was no coverup. The situation was understandable, and there was MOTIVE....big time....MOTIVE.

Where was Adam Lanza's motive? Answer...there wasn't any, and even the Media reports it was a "mystery".

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so far the news

has been saying local/fed authorities
state/fed authorities
this is what confuses me,why is the fed even involved?
have they over stepped their bounds and jurisdiction?

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agreed. I was pleasantly surprised.

I wish the author of this post would place more comments in the description so more people would check it out.

What else do you want me to say?

It is a cop with questions about Sandy Hook. I felt that was all the summary needed.

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seen this yet?

more questions,but more answers also

or this?

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OH... have fun day :)

This Is excellent. In my

This Is excellent. In my view, they just want it to go away.



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