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250 Million Innocent Civilians Exterminated by Their Own Government in the Past 100 years!

What I sent to the approx 100 people I have been trying to wake up for over 3 years. I'm up to about a 15% success rate. The last 5 came in the past 60 days. Maybe people will start coming around soon?

NEVER, EVER, EVER, GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! Throughout recorded history Gun Control Legislation has ALWAYS led to eventual Gun Confiscation which has ALWAYS been followed by the MASS MURDER of innocent men, women, and children at the hands of their very own Governments! (This does NOT include soldiers who died in battle. These deaths were Extermination / Genocide)

You may think this could never happen in your lifetime, and maybe you’re right. But, it’s our children and grandchildren who are growing up in a totalitarian police state and because most of you remain SILENT, our kids think this is completely normal! Our LAST remaining right (9 of the 10 are already GONE), is coming under attack! Are you willing to give up our VERY LAST Constitutional protection? If so, it’s the beginning of the end for our posterity. Without exception, history records prove that once tyrants have taken over a government, they wait for most of the “old timers” to die and then begin to slaughter an entire generation! The time to wake up, look around, and say “hum, our Government doesn’t seem to have the best interests of future generations in mind” isn’t when you are so old you can’t resist. If OUR Generation keeps ignoring the flashing red lights and we go to our graves without so much as a whimper, our kids will NEVER forgive our incredible negligence. Watch the movie below and THINK for just a few minutes about the reality of our situation. And turn off the TV!


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Well this is what AGENDA 21 is all about.

It is all falling into place while we all gawk around like zombies. What a victory for those who want to rule the world. I guess this is how the German people were taken in by Hitler. And we all thought it could not be done to us. Well listen up. Germany was just a trial run, and similar tactics are being used now globally.


and sadly, there is no

and sadly, there is no "america" you can flee to anymore when the "nazis" come looking for you.