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A Lesser Seen View of North Korea

A presentation made at Google that contains information and images seldom seen in Western media. The presentation is "What I Saw In North Korea and Why It Matters", presented by Siegfried S. Hecker, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University. Your view of the politics surrounding issues involving North Korea may differ from the presenters, but it's still worth watching.


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Looks like many sins are being committed there.



not sure why videos and educational documentaries get less interest on dp.. it's like people would rather be out there watching nonsensical conspiracies "whoa is that a SPACE EXPLOSION WTF?!"

some of the stuff done by vice is pretty interesting too.. like their episode of going to north korea as tourist by bribing chinese officials near border

Might be because

most people either bookmark it for later, since it's a long video, or they're waiting to finish the video before they comment. Either way pretty much guarantees that it'll get bumped off the fast-paced first page.

Different documentary, but this one is pretty good too


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around 18 min mark

must say it's pretty interesting