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Ge - Libor - Next Stop Nyc?

In following the trail from Aurora to the Sikh shootings to Sandy Hook it seems to be leading us in the direction of "Gotham". This is what worries me.

If you are among those who have seen the maps from the Batman Movie "The Dark Knight Rises" you already know that both Aurora and Sandy Hook were clearly marked on the map.
However, all indications are that the target for the various events along a specific trajectory appear to be leading in the direction of the financial system. According to one of my past sources there would come a time when those in power positions would want to "disappear" evidence contained in digital financial records in order to cover their tracks.. they need an excuse to be unable to reveal those who have responsible at the highest levels, for louting the American people for years... as well as the rest of the world. I am told, if they should target the servers where such records are kept, that chaos would be the result... That and possibly a financial standstill or RESET that would be unprecedented. We know that the Libor scandal stretches worldwide. It is web that involves large corporations around the world and a fixing of interest rates for years, by the 16 largest banks...

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deacon's picture

nicely laid out

not sure at this point what yo believe,
but i do know this,the ones we call illetes
aren't so much
i do not know what the financial sector has to
do with it all,seeing the biggest majority is broke
and NY isn't the only place that has them records kept
thanks for that post

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence