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Most Sense What's Coming; But What Are You Actually Doing to Prepare? Lifestyle, Investments, etc. Whats Your Next Move?

I realize it's a broad question, and the answers are many. But that's precisely the point of this post. I want to crowd-source from those most aware (the liberty movement, of course), who have varied expertise, to get a better sense of things... but more precisely and particularly than from reading up on current events. I want to hear from the real boots on the ground: all of you.

I imagine this post as a conversation I'd have with any and/or all of you over a beer and a fire, and it would be a good time.


In any case, I'm very interested to hear from any of you who have specific expectations upon which you are basing next moves. Whether they be investments, political activity (I know many of you are getting involved locally, which is awesome), or even career choices; I want to know what you are doing to bring your life in line with your libertarian values and economic expectations... because that is something that weighs on me every day, and hearing from those who likewise consider these matters in a similar vein can be very illuminating.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Cheers,

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good point

Yes if I lived near total basket cases, I would get out. If you are the only one prepared, guess who'll be their new "best friend".


Finally closed on our family retreat

My wife and I finally closed on our family retreat. We moved in just before Christmas and plan to get things ready little by little.

It has a farm house, pole barn, large metal workshop building, and plenty of pasture for ranching and trees for firewood. It also has an old truck/tractor oil change pit that we may turn into a storm shelter eventually.

It's pretty secluded, but still near a decent sized town for supplies as well as some recreational areas so we can use it as a vacation home too. The surrounding 700+ acres is basically owned by 2-3 other people.

The property has a large year round creek in addition to the well that is already installed... although we're going to need a new well pump soon. Most of the land is already fenced, but some repairs are needed. We have maybe 1-2 acres beside the house that is fenced on 3 sides already that we'll turn into a garden and chicken range. We're going to plant apple, pear, and fig (maybe some others too) trees in one pasture in the spring.

We'll install a wood burning stove either in the spring or early summer after replacing the carpet and linoleum that's in the house now. We want to get solar power, but that can be expensive so not sure when/if we can get that done. We also want to try our hand at aquaponics, but a higher priority will be getting the chicken coop built. We've got to upgrade the garden and chicken fencing to keep out deer, coyotes, foxes, etc. The pastures and barn also need to be readied for a few head of cattle when needed.

In addition to the retreat, we have some silver but not nearly as much as we need. We have a few guns and some ammo, but need more there as well. Some other items on the wish/to-do list are tractor, chain saw, 4x4 truck, Appleseed training, home fire fighting equipment (pump, hoses, etc.), Big Berkey water filter... among others.

We're certainly more prepared that we were 2 years ago when we woke up, but there is so much to do still.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

ah, wonderful--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Congrats on closing! Sounds

Congrats on closing!

Sounds like you guys have a solid plan in place. Best of luck with the renovations/updates that you'll be undertaking on the property.

Your closing line sums it up perfectly for me: "We're certainly more prepared that we were 2 years ago when we woke up, but there is so much to do still."

working on community

I am trying to get out of debt as quickly as possible and gradually build s store of necessities. At this point I have enough to last for about 4 months. I even got a coworker thinking how she would fare in a major disruption.

Also am working on community. I told my relatives in Germany about Ron Paul and what he stands for and also the problems due to the dollar being the world reserve currency. I have tried to be a builder of community at church -especially to network so we can take care of the elderly etc who could get lost in the shuffle.


Your community efforts are

Your community efforts are admirable; caring for those unable to care for themselves is something that is often discussed from a charity v government theoretical standpoint, but actually putting plans together and being involved is going to be crucial.

As for getting out of debt- we're working on that too. Have a little left on two car loans (though these were 0% financing), as well as a decent chunk left of a student loan. After that we are in the clear, just trying to save and figure out where we want to relocate (whether here or abroad).

Best of luck in all your efforts.

Luck to yours too.

I thought about bugging out, but I think my place is to stay. I don't have dependents so why not. Also lets face it being out in the boonies all by yourself could have its own set of problems. If I had kids though, I would definitely have a plan to get out of dodge if need be.


If things get as bad as I expect them to

they will get much worse than anyone can imagine. Iv thought about a move to China...If you dont mind their one child per family policy. No i have no intentions of moving to China I dont see how any Libertarian could move there really as I predict China will become a Totalitarian state. I have strong ties with my friends who are Liberal and some who are Socialists and am educating them about Liberty patiently one day at a time. It makes it easier when Liberty is more Left than Liberals AND more Right than Conservatives.

If SHTF I have no intention of hiding out, but will be fighting back peacefully at all costs for change. When Occupy had started I was there helping support the people in there protest and keeping the movement strong...of course this was when Occupy had been trying to expose the relationship between The Fed, MIC, and Wall St. Once I had heard about a man named Ron Paul exposing the same thing I left Occupy in support for this man to become POTUS.

From here its all or nothing. I do not plan nor would I want to live in a economic depression for 100 years or more. I will be pushing freedom for all until the day I die.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


I don't think the one child policy applies to immigrants. In fact, it doesn't even apply to all Chinese, just the Han Chinese (the ethnic majority). You'd also be suprised how free you are there. Economically speaking you are MORE free in my opinion. As far as civil liberties, they have fewer, but not by much these days, and at least there it's well known where the people and gov't stand. Again, you'd be a visitor and treated like a guest. As Doug Casey often says, only your home country treats you like a milk cow, while other countries view you as someone elses property. I personally loved China when I visited, but i'm looking at South America. I don't want to be in any of the major player regions when crap goes down.

The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it


We just finished our geodesic greenhouse, will be putting in a rocket mass heater later this month, then getting our full aquaponics system going.
I have been raising chickens for years now, for meat and eggs. I have a pair of calves, one for meat, the other will be my nurse cow.
We let our 2 underwater mortgages go back to the bank, and bought 17 acres in the boondocks that we will transform into a food forest as time goes by. We put a well in last spring, and wound up having to get power run to the place to get the animals through the winter, but we hope to get off-grid power going next summer.
Once the place is functional, we will host seminars there.
And we stack silver. We had a big stack, but had to cash it in for the well. Now we have a tiny stack started again.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I've got my green house built

Still in the process of getting all the needed parts. But will be there soon.

FYI Craigslist is your friend. IBC containers brand new are like 400 bucks. You can find used ones on CL for around $100. Youtube as many very detailed DIYs on converting ICB containers and much more. Download and store them if possible. There is a ton of documentation out there as well.

Even if it doesn't hit the fan, its still something fun to do with the family and you can eat fresh GMO free veggies. If you like fish like me, you have means for fresh. And once setup, other then some of your time is fairly cheep to maintain. You can even go as far as getting off grid means for powering the air and water pumps needed. Chances are things will get worse before better, investing in aquaponics is worthwhile.

craigslist and youtube, baby!

We got hooked up with a source for free 55 gallon barrels, the plastic ones. We have a couple of the bigger totes, but we were giving away barrel-ponics set ups for a while. For the permanent system, we are building a custom tank with pond liner that we will scavenge off craigslist.
Pretty much everything we are doing we got from a youtube video, pretty much everything we are used on our practice systems we got off craigslist. We are buying some materials this time, we want this to last the rest of our lives (and more) but one of the things we want to do is offer seminars that get people STARTED, and so we are trying to show how cheap it can be.
We're looking at those solar panel mounted stirling engines with wind back up for our area. They are stupid expensive to buy, but I think we can build one. "We" being my husband and the mouse with him, I'll feed him and cheer him on...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I know this sounds like a cop out..

but I have no interest in fighting the second American revolution... I am writing from the Chicago airport as I just returned from job searching in south east asia. I will most likely be taking a job in Finance or Banking in Shanghai (Communist I know, but its kinda one of those in name only things.. I found it to be more free for westerners than the west is.. not quite the same experience for Chinese I believe), but I am still traveling to Chile in a couple months to evaluate opportunities there. I will be leaving the country within the year until after this whole thing blows up.

I want to live in a place that is stable, where things get a little better everyday rather than a little/lot worse, and where my life isn't emotionally controlled by what a bunch of traitors/sociopaths do in DC.. it makes me so worked up I'll die of a heart attack!

Though I'm fleeing rather than fighting, I plan on making the maximum financial contributions I can afford to truly pro liberty initiatives. America will need some pro liberty expats outside the reach of the USSA.

Not to point out the obvious,

Not to point out the obvious, but China's political structure is also full of self-interested people who are jockeying for power positions as Party members. It may seem more "stable", but human behavior is fairly consistent across the world.

but as Doug Casey has noted

Visitors get treated much better than local citizenries. That's why he recommends political diversification.

The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it

I don't disagree. Keeping

I don't disagree. Keeping more "escape hatches" open and accessible is essential in this doomsday political climate.

My dad and granddaddy didn't

My dad and granddaddy didn't teach me to run. This is MY home and 80 acres has been in the family since 1843... if the time comes we will stand as neighbors and community. We will survive,like we always have. Good luck in Communist China! Maybe you don't find it necessary to fight a revolution,but what do you say to your kids at the end of the day? Do you say that you had a chance to confront tyranny but fled when there was much to do? You let them have what your family paid for over decades and centuries? There is a time to stand and there is a time to run. I can't run.

He only thinks he is running.

China. He thinks things will be better in China. He is going to voluntarily give up his second amendment right to live in a nation where reproductive rights have already been lost.
I understand how he feels, though. I tried to leave 4 years ago, begged my kids to leave with us. My daughter would not go, and I could not leave without my kids.
I'd still rather be in some Caribbean retreat, and sit out the fireworks... but there is no Caribbean retreat. Once America is disarmed, we all lose.
So, it doesn't matter where you are. It is all "The Restaurant At THe End of the Universe." Pull up a chair, grab a beer, enjoy the show and hope when the time comes that you can look back and say "I am proud of how I lived, and I can live with how I died."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

There's nothing wrong with

There's nothing wrong with going where opportunity takes you and I think living in China would be a real eye-opener for Westerners. It's most interesting to hear the point of view of other people while you are a guest in their "home". One thing I noticed right away was the less sophisticated advertising and a reduced sense of mental pressure from the missing constant drumbeat of war that permeates our media.

I'm with ya on that

I'm with ya on that sentiment. As part of our research, we've been perusing a lot of ex-pat blogs to hear from those who are now living in other countries. Some really good insight out there on various locations.

What was it about Chile that landed it on your map? I'd be interested to hear about your trip once you return...

nobody can fault you friend.

nobody can fault you friend. The US is a sinking ship with only propaganda holding things up at this point. I wish you well in your new country.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

My income is limited...

But I did receive an inheritance a couple yrs & invested in a geodesic grow dome. This year I built a run & coop and got 25 chickens. I don't save any money (except in the very short term to cover expenses I know I'll have in the near future) because interests rates are so low & the dollar continues to lose its value. Once I spent the money for the grow dome & chickens and had the food issue covered, I started spending on things that enhance my enjoyment of life like musical equipment. I invested over 10 yrs ago in building an off-grid energy efficient home (with no mortgage) so I feel like I've been more ahead of the game than most for quite a while. AND political activism for sure. I'm now on the executive board of my property owner's association which dictates a lot of what happens in my small, rural town...as well as being a member of the central committee of my local GOP.

You, brigitfey, are a role

You, brigitfey, are a role model for me.

The things you've done are the things I dream of doing, but have not yet committed to do...

How is the off-grid home holding up? How does it sustain? And more curiously, how do you have an off-grid home in an area that has a propery-owner's association? Seems almost contradictory in terms... :-)

As far as the dome, do you have any help with respect to growing things? Or were you brought up in a farming tradition? Me, I have absolutely zero knowledge in that realm, but it's one in which I aspire to learn most, so I'm curious as to how you came to the decision to invest in something like that with an inheritance (which for most is an extremely bold move).

Aw, Thanks Jay...

but I may not be such a role model in other areas of my life-ha!

I built an Earthship (house made of old tires rammed with earth, buried into the ground on 3 sides with only south facing windows)so it will hold up for a long time. Each packed tire weighs about 300 lbs!

How we have a POA that's friendly to alternative building? Too complicated to get into here but briefly: subdivision was originally intended for military retirees. That didn't work out b/c the altitude is 8,000 + so land was cheap an attracted alternative builders. Very pristine, remote area. Also, no buildings codes in our county. A former UN undersecretary was an original investor in the subdivision & deeded a bunch of land in the mountains to various spiritual groups from around the world so there is an intention to create some kind of 'conscious community'. I'm now coming to realize there's an Agenda 21 factor at work but that's a whole other story...

The dome is essential in my climate which can be quite extreme in many ways. I still haven't planted to nearly its full potential. Greenhouses also have their own issues (insect infestation, overheating)& are a lot of work to maintain. For someone in a more moderate climate with more moisture than we get, gardening doesn't have to be a daunting task. Read some books, start simple & go from there.

Best of luck in your endeavors!

Very cool!

What did you cover your dome with? We JUST finished our first one - been dreaming of it for 30+ years! Eventually we want to go with glass, but for now we used boat shrink wrap. It actually went on pretty slick, we shall see how it holds up.
8000 ft elevation? That is some serious "boondocks."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I got a kit...

that came with triple wall polycarbonate panels. They are very durable & more cost effective than glass but do need to be replaced after 10 yrs or so. Sounds like you designed & built from scratch...hardcore! I'm sure that's way more cost-effective. Did you put a water tank inside for thermal mass?

The fish tank

will be our water mass. We have riser walls, and made the front 4 panels black and will coil black hose in there for (hopefully) warm running water for working out there. Hard core, yeah. My husband watched a youtube, bought a soccer ball and built it. He had to go back and correct a couple angles as he went, but he's a handy little thing to have around.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How long is the growing

How long is the growing season at your altitude?

Less than 3 months...

Except for hardy varieties of vegetables.

Good stuff! Except for the

Good stuff! Except for the part about the UN influence of course...

And yes, I'll definitely be doing some reading as step 1 in my own agri-learning. Now that I'm home w/the kids it will be one of our joint ventures... :-)

Best of luck to you as well.