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CNN: Private pot club now open in Colorado

Private pot club now open in Colorado

CNN Newsroom|Added on January 1, 2013
An attorney for a new marijuana club in Denver speaks with CNN's Deb Feyerick about the groundbreaking establishment.

TWO Private Marijuana Smoking Clubs Open In Colorado!

Club64 on Fox31 News Colorado's First Legal Smoking Lounge

Colorado's first hash bars opening today
Earlier today, marijuana attorney Rob Corry announced the opening of his new venture, Club 64: a private, members-only establishment dedicated to recreational cannabis use. The club will open in time for New Year's Eve festivities, starting at 4:20 p.m. today in an undisclosed location whose address is available only to members via the group's website. According to the press release circulating around the Internet, the club will allow for "private legal use of cannabis, where people will exercise their constitutional right to celebrate and make history."

Says Corry in that same release: "Club 64 is a legal cannabis club, the first of its kind since the voters of Colorado wisely cast off the shackles of Prohibition....This will be a great way to ring in the New Year for Members, with music, dancing, conversation, and Cannabis."

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Members-only pot club opens in Colorado

The Situation Room|Added on January 1, 2013
CNN's Jim Spellman heads to Club 64, the first members-only marijuana club to open in Denver after voters legalized pot.

DENVER (CBS4)- Organizers of the first marijuana club in Denver are promising more events to come after their premiere event on New Year’s Eve.

Club 64 takes its name from the amendment legalizing small amounts of pot in Colorado for those 21 years and older.

“Club 64 is a gathering of individuals in a free country who like to exercise their constitutional rights together,” said the attorney for Club 64 Robert Corry.

Denver’s first private marijuana club opens on New Year’s; but is it legal?

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Club 64? Why not Club 420?

Club 64? Why not Club 420? Or just "The Joint"?

I like it.

Seems fitting that Club 64 would get its name from the very amendment which allowed its creation

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I have since learned where

I have since learned where the 64 came from!