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Hospital takes newborn, kicks mother out and vaccinates baby against mother's will.


Here is a list of known (admitted) side effects for the drug the hospital administered not only without consent, but against the mother's direct orders:

This was given to a NEWBORN to protect it against a sexually transmitted disease.

This is why I ask people to support the right to refuse vaccines. Even if YOU want to vaccinate, if you truly support liberty you MUST support the right of mothers and fathers who do NOT wish to vaccinate. These vaccines are being linked to death and disability all over the world, but in this country Pharma is immune from legal recourse. (I like to say it is the only actual immunity in the entire vaccine industry.)

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The medical professionals can be charged with assault.

I hope the mother has a lot of friends to make certain that happens.

thanks for posting


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2 questions one should consider before being vaccinated

1) Do I trust those who make the vaccines (pharmaceutical corporations) ?
2) Do I trust those who promote them (politicians and media figures) ?

50 years ago, I'd have thought nothing of getting vaccinated.
Today, I'd sooner stick my -- in a fire.

"Even if YOU want to vaccinate, if you truly support liberty you

MUST support the right of mothers and fathers who do NOT wish to vaccinate."

I do, absolutely. I don't buy the theories about vaccinations, I don't buy the (I thought disproven) assertion that vaccines can cause autism. Could people who complain about vaccines be right? I guess, we're learning new stuff about old medical science that we had no idea about all the time. Doesn't matter to me because it isn't myself or my child. If they choose to not be vaccinated, that's their prerogative. The government's job isn't to protect me from myself, and even if not getting vaccinated is the dumbest decision I could possibly make, it's my decision, not theirs.



Babies with Hep B moms need to be vaccinated immediately

You guys are whacked out. Babies can be protected from HepB with the vaccine. If they don't get vaccinated, they'll get liver cancer and die a terrible, preventable death later on down the road. The vaccine has to be administered after birth. HepB immunity also prevents HepD infection, which would otherwise lead to sure death by hepatic cancer and liver failure.

The vaccine is just the protein shell of the Hepatitis virus produced by recombinant DNA tech in baker's yeast. There is no actual virus in the vaccine, and you consume thousands of times more yeast DNA in a single beer or a piece of bread. There is nothing to be worried about. Your body routine deals with greater dangers every single minute of your microbe-exposed existence.

Stop spreading stupid hysteria over vaccines when you don't know what you're talking about. If it were up to some of you, these diseases would be endemic just like the rest of the world that doesn't have the technology to prevent it.

I doubt you can provide proof for your bizarre claims.


Free includes debt-free!

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There is no hint in this story that the mom is HepB+.

She would have been tested and counseled about this possibility way before the delivery, and she would have done all of the research and made all of the legal maneuvering prior to her child's birth had she been HepB+.

Hep D is caused by unprotected sex & needle sharing.

Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D, also known as "delta hepatitis," is a serious liver disease caused by infection with the Hepatitis D virus (HDV), which is an RNA virus structurally unrelated to the Hepatitis A, B, or C viruses. Hepatitis D, which can be acute or chronic, is uncommon in the United States. HDV is an incomplete virus that requires the helper function of HBV to replicate and only occurs among people who are infected with the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). HDV is transmitted through percutaneous or mucosal contact with infectious blood and can be acquired either as a coinfection with HBV or as superinfection in persons with HBV infection. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis D, but it can be prevented in persons who are not already HBV-infected by Hepatitis B vaccination.


Well, excuse me, but what makes you such an authority?

Obviously, you've done absolutely NO research because the FDA specifically has a page justifying that mercury in vaccines is safe.

Source: http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/SafetyAvailability...

Okay, so we've established one thing. The FDA has proven that it does use thimerosal in its vaccines which by weight is 50% mercury.
They say that the mercury is used as a preservative. Even if that were true, does that make the vaccines any less unsafe? No.

Fact: Mercury is the 2nd most poisonous substance on the entire earth, plutonium being the 1st.

Source: Literally any scientific book, magazine, or website that discusses mercury will give you the exact same fact.

This mom was negative for Hep B

You get a Hep B test along with all the other prenatal stuff when you're pregnant. The CDC's own report about why they justified making the Hep B shot mandatory for infants is because they weren't reaching the junkie/good-timer crowd.

Hep B has never been a real problem in the US. That, and it has a 95% total recovery rate. That's the real hysteria, acting like a disease that was rare to begin with is going to kill your kid within hours of birth.

Your post has a few major

inconsistencies. The title "Babies with HepB moms need to be vaccinated immediately" Rather than risk an adverse reaction to a new born baby to this vaccine why are they not doing simple tests on mothers to see if they are infected?
I'll tell you why, because they can't force you to be tested for HepB if you don't want to be tested.

Newborns are not at risk for HepB, C, A or D.

"Stop spreading hysteria over vaccines when you don't know what you are talking about"

You are the one spreading hysteria.

"Your body routinely deals with greater dangers every single minute of your microbe-exposed existence"

Tell me how a virus, or bacteria that is injected intramuscularly that by passes our body's natural immune defenses is the same as an injection?

"There is no actual virus in the vaccine, and you consume thousands of times more yeast DNA in a single beer or a piece of bread"

Really, how many babies eat bread, or drink beer? How many have unprotected sex, and use IV drugs?

Now lets just take a look at what is really in the HepB vaccine, and the adverse effects of those components.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Aluminum, Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate,Amino Acids,Dextrose,Phosphate Buffers,Potassium aluminum sulfate, Formaldehyde or Formalin,Mineral Salts,Soy Peptone, Yeast Protein

Partial list of know side effects:
Influenza, febrile seizure, anorexia, upper respiratory tract illnesses, herpes zoster, encephalitis, palpitations, arthritis, systemic lupus erthematosus (SLE), conjunctivitis, abnormal liver function tests, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Bell's palsy, multiple sclerosis, anaphylaxis, seizures

Just a little yeast Omnis?

Now I am going to tell you another very important fact that happened to me personally.
I contracted HepB when I was three months pregnant with my first son. My boyfriend and five of friends all went to the infamous Woodstock festival. I stayed one day and left. Three of my friends boyfriends and mine came home with HepB.

I was Dx at three months by my obstetrician and told to go home, get plenty of rest and I would be fine. I recovered and gave birth to a healthy baby boy 6 months later.

Fast forward to my sons first DPT vaccine at two months. Twenty minutes after the shot he began to scream, he screamed non stop for five hours and eventually collapsed and stopped breathing. I was able to revive him and he was rushed to the ER. They REFUSED to attribute it to the DPT vaccine. At four months the Pediatrician tried to convince me to give him the second shot. I refused.

I honestly don't know why you are even a member of the Daily Paul if you are going to spew this kind of main stream bullshit propaganda. Maybe you should view DR. Ron Pauls feelings on forced vaccinations.

Can't believe I even replied to this

No doctor is going to risk not vaccinating as it would be an act of negligence when perinatal transmission of HBV is several orders of magnitude more likely than any reaction. Consent doesn't mean anything when Mom comes back to sue the hospital, or when the hospital has to use public (read: it's own) money and time to treat liver cancer down the road instead of a simply vaccinating. These are the problems you run into when Doctors are forced to treat the collective instead of the individual.

//"Tell me how a virus, or bacteria that is injected intramuscularly that by passes our body's natural immune defenses is the same as an injection?"

You mean the same as an infection? Vaccines don't bypass the immune system by being injected into a muscle. That's the whole point of injecting them.

//"Now lets just take a look at what is really in the HepB vaccine, and the adverse effects of those components."

Yeah, let's look at those components.

There's more aluminum in breast milk, and those sulfates are the other half of the aluminum salt used to enhance antigen response. The redness and pain at the injection site are normal body responses to the Al salts. Some are more sensitive than others. This has nothing to do with vaccines against diseases, but it's the best way to deliver them so far.

Nobody uses formaldehyde anymore to keep things sterile in manufacturing. Most don't use it as a preservative. This isn't the 40s. Your body makes more naturally than would be found in any vaccine.

Phosphate buffers keep pH neutral-- if they were toxic in vaccines, your baby would die instantly after drinking a drop of Gatorade. These help keep the recombinant yeast alive while they live in and feed on soy peptone and dextrose. The yeast protein is actually the viral protein coat they're engineered to produce. The Aluminum (mineral) salts stir up the immune system along with these foreign proteins such that your body is primed and ready to kill the real deal without having to introduce any viral DNA/RNA/genetic info whatsoever.

Most of the laboratories that produce these vaccines are super clean and produce a pure, safe product. I will concede that you are more likely to have problems when the vaccines are compounded (mixed with other vaccines to create a single, more convenient shot) since a lot of compounding pharmacies don't maintain the same kind of standards as a lot of big laboratories do internally. Thus, all of those ingredients are listed by legal for disclosure in the event that they're found in trace amounts.

You are completely ignoring the epidemiology.

For example, if the mother or baby were identified in an at-risk population, that's one thing.

However, if a regular person, who otherwise would have NO REASON to otherwise ever have been exposed to B or D, what is the probability of viral infection?


How can you justify mandatory vaccination for this vaccine when the epidemiology shows a 1/100,000 or LESS rate of infection in non-at-risk populations?

I'm sorry, but it's completely inconsistent with any concept of liberty.

Our lives are not dependent on vaccines

Even if that's how you'd make it appear. What did we do before we had vaccines? We probably about the same amount of deaths. More deaths from the lack of vaccines, but less deaths from the bullsh*t side effects they incur.

Everyone died before vaccines.



Lol, almost mistook your sarcasm for sincerity.

Hey, smart a$$. Present the

Hey, smart a$$. Present the link to any double blind study conducted to prove that the vaccinations are effective in preventing any disease.
Just one double blind study. Dont bother with CDC and other corrupted organizations recommendations.
Find me one properly conducted with verifiable results with properly assembled group of subjects study.
Or stop spreading BS.


Mothers decline these vaccines all the time, they sign a waiver.
The rest is immaterial. Take them if you wish, but you have NO RIGHT to put ANYTHING in my body without my CONSENT. Nor my child's body.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

DO NOT SIGN A WAIVER if you can avoid it.

This will depend on your state law. However, signing a waiver indicates knowledge of potential liability. Why would you EVER sign up for that voluntarily.

Just state that you will be working on your vaccination program with your family doctor after you take the baby home and thank you very much but you dont have a relationship with the Dr. in the hospital nor with the hospital and your family considers this a family matter that your family physician will take care of.

Then do whatever the hell you feel is appropriate once you are out of that hospital.

Or sign and add "under duress"


Free includes debt-free!


It is important in medicine. In fact, it is THE LAW. I am not going to stop you from taking a vaccine or from vaccinating your babies. Why do you think you get to force vaccines on me or my babies? You do research, I did mine. I DO NOT CONSENT. How can you pretend to defend liberty and want to FORCE medicate people?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Here's your answer

//"How can you pretend to defend liberty and want to FORCE medicate people?"

Funny as it sounds: Herd immunity. Look it up.

Your liberty vs. your diseases harming the population... it's a big issue in public health, and certainly not a new one.

By your logic if we just lock

By your logic if we just lock everyone up right now we will prevent all armed robbery, home invasions, and pretty much all crime outside of prisons. I don't believe vaccines work or are safe, but even if they were good for us, the argument still stands that we own our own bodies and the right to opt out of medications.

Herd immunity actually supports the opposing view.

Your reply makes no sense at all. Let's say person A gets a vaccine and successfully avoids contracting disease X. Person B does not get the vaccine, gets disease X and dies.

How does "herd immunity" help person A? IT DOESNT, since they were vaccinated.


Everyone who chooses not to vaccinate does so at their own risk.

If it helps anyone, herd immunity helps the NON-vaccinating people, not the vaccinating people.

who cares about the benefit,

who cares about the benefit, you're removing someone's right to consent. that's a hefty precedent to set.

if the govt claims it is medically beneficial to circumcise, therefore, all circumcisions are mandatory (after all, we don't want STD rates to go up, right?), will you be supporting this new law that removes consent?

Here's your "herd immunity" debunked



That is just "whooping cough." You can do the same thing for chicken pox and measles, too. "Herd immunity" was a theory that was used to start the vaccinations. Now we have the data to prove the theory was wrong.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Pertussus too.

The epidemiology of the recept Pert. outbreaks in the southwest US show that the DtaP vaccine not only did NOT prevent infection in those vaccinated who contracted the disease, but actually created an INVERSE to the herd immunity effect: because the P in DtaP was so weak it FOSTERED the growth and spread of the Pertussus rather than hindering it.

Got another study

from Israel of kids in day care over there. It calls vaccinated kids "resevoirs of infection".
From the CDC's own website: