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Hospital takes newborn, kicks mother out and vaccinates baby against mother's will.


Here is a list of known (admitted) side effects for the drug the hospital administered not only without consent, but against the mother's direct orders:

This was given to a NEWBORN to protect it against a sexually transmitted disease.

This is why I ask people to support the right to refuse vaccines. Even if YOU want to vaccinate, if you truly support liberty you MUST support the right of mothers and fathers who do NOT wish to vaccinate. These vaccines are being linked to death and disability all over the world, but in this country Pharma is immune from legal recourse. (I like to say it is the only actual immunity in the entire vaccine industry.)

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If vaccs are so great

why can't they exist in the open market? ... follow the money...

Whacked out is...

Trying to tell us we don't have a choice or say in the matter!
But the real test will be when these idiots find their pockets much lighter due to poor a decision!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Read the label first. And

Read the label first. And think what else is in it, you id..t.
Formaldehyde, detergent, aluminum.

it's not about the vaccine,

it's not about the vaccine, it's about not having control of your child.

This is the whole point,


but that baby is state worker

but that baby is state worker #4289201010. the govt is just ensuring that its PROPERTY is fully protected.

My worst nightmare

I plan on having my state's exemption law printed out, and having HSDLA's number in my phone when I go in later this year. They don't usually take homeschool unrelated cases, but maybe they can point me to a lawyer that will.


if one forces consent upon another its rape!