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Abolish the Presidency?

Finding ways to limit governments has been a - so far - futile pursuit by those that have attempted it. Kings were once to be bound by religious edicts only to later claim to be sanctioned by god. Similarly, the Supreme Court was meant to check the States Central Government from overstepping Constitutional limitations. Of course, just as with the case of divine sanction, a ruling of constitutional has become a method to loosen or altogether subvert the boundaries imposed on the States Central Government by Our nations founding documents.

Further, the use of executive orders and secretive measures through legislation such as the Patriot Act and the 2012 NDAA have also been used to deface the Constitution of the States of America. In my humble opinion, decentralization will be very important in Man's approach to limit government. While nullification is a powerful, decentralized check on government, it is a reactionary measure that only follows the implementation of tyrannical policies.

I propose - if given the opportunity - that the office of the President of the States of America be abolished and be replaced by a Council of Governors (one elected from each state) along with rules that require a minimum number in agreement before action can be taken by the executors of Our government. The job that is currently defined as State Governor would be renamed as State Lieutenant Governor and executed by an individual separate from the governor serving on the national council.

Too much power has been placed in the hands of one man. With the stroke of a pen or secret verbal directive, Americans can be detained without due process and/or murdered for their views on political matters or whatever else. This is unacceptable.

It is my opinion that the Presidency, as is, should be abolished.

Please opine.

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The Council of Governors you

The Council of Governors you propose is what our Senate is supposed to be before they perverted the method of choosing Senators. Senators are supposed to represent the State they are from, not the People, thus the reason the Senate is in charge of Presidential impeachment proceedings, and not the house. Senators were supposed to have been chosen by State's legislatures to represent the States interests. When they changed the Senate position to an elected position, they took one of our most important checks on the Federal Govt and threw it in the trash.

Blessings )o(

Interesting idea!

I like it.

The presidency was never supposed to be a legislative office.

The president can make laws and take us to war without congress. That's pretty effed up.

How did all of this crap become accepted "precedent" anyway? While we all were asleep in the past century, I suppose.

What would the Founders do?

The Fall of Rome

You will see many parallels in the fall of the Roman Empire to what is happening right now in America.

"In the space of a hundred years, Rome was transformed from a republic with democratic institutions into an empire under the control of one man - Augustus. How did it happen?"
In Rome, "The system was weighted to give more influence to the votes of the wealthy." http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ancient/romans/fallofromanrepub...

Sound familiar? Right now in America the wealthy, rigged voting machines, and the media, choose the president. Voting counts for NOTHING. WHY Does Obama Want to Diminish the American National Defense Arsenal and Disarm Americans as Well?


Who needs a Republic when we can have a States' Central Government to hand us over to a UN? I'm sure Obama would be happy to step aside for that.. email him your idea.. or better yet.. put it on his whitehouse petition site..

Save 1.4 billion per year.


Free includes debt-free!

Obama would

transform it into a dictatorship...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!