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Senators Got 154-Page 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill 3 Minutes Before Voting on It

By Matt Cover | January 2, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. Senate voted 89-8 to approve legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff despite having only 3 minutes to read the 154-page bill and budget score.

Multiple Senate sources have confirmed to CNSNews.com that senators received the bill at approximately 1:36 AM on Jan. 1, 2013 – a mere three minutes before they voted to approve it at 1:39 AM.

The bill is 154-pages and includes several provisions that are unrelated to the fiscal cliff, including repealing a section of ObamaCare, extending the wind-energy tax credit, and a rum tax subsidy deal for Puerto Rican rum makers.

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This is actually very common

This is actually very common and almost standard procedure in both houses.

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Serious Question:

Why wouldn't they just vote "NO" if they didn't have time to read the whole bill?

That's what i would call responsbility in the first place.

Why isn't this being discussed at all, besides talking about why anybody voted the way they did? This should be an outrage among congressmembers. Reminds me of the 'Patriot' Act, when most members didn't read it.

Besides, what is wrong with voting no anyway? Ron Paul did it on most occasions, and not only had he have very good reasons for it, but it also helped the country a great deal. Why are people afraid to say NO??

How exactly did they stop the jump off of the fiscal cliff.

Raise taxes while raising spending?

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Rand Paul puts forward measure to force reading the bill!

S. 3359: One Subject at a Time Act
112th Congress, 2011–2013. Text as of Jun 28, 2012 (Introduced).
Cosponsors: None

Rand Paul puts forward measure that would force the Senate to read bills
By Pete Kasperowicz - 07/02/12 10:52 AM ET

After blasting the Senate last week for passing a 600-page bill no one had time to read, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced legislation that would force the Senate to give its members one day to read bills for every 20 pages they contain.

"For goodness sakes, this is a 600-page bill. I got it this morning," Paul said Friday, just before the Senate approved a massive bill extending highway funding, federal flood insurance and low student loans rates.

"Not one member of the Senate will read this bill before we vote on it," he added.

Dear Congress ...


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Ever see the video

of Ron Paul talking about the Patriot Act? He said "we were still trying to get it off the intranet" and that's the reason he voted no. He wasn't even able to read it.

Time to wake up America.

Yes I Do Remember Him Saying That...

Thanks for posting..Happy New Year Pal!

...I Also Remember Him Saying The Following:

If they had labeled it what it really was, 'The Anti-Fourth Amendment Act' the bill wouldn't have passed...

Gonna put that "happy" somewhere for safe keeping.

I may need it later... you're welcome friend :)