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WikiLeaks reveals US, Israel lies on Iran

A major theme of this year’s US presidential election campaign was the threat to world peace allegedly posed by Iran’s nuclear program. Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney competed to take the hardest line.

Obama boasted of organising the “strongest coalition and the strongest sanctions against Iran in history” and promised to “take all options necessary” to force Iran to abandon its nuclear program.

This narrative relies on the false assertion that Iran is developing nuclear weapons with which to attack Israel and the US. It casts the US and Israel as defenders of international peace and security, when a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities would constitute an illegal act of aggression.

While the hype about Iran continues, negotiations on a proposal that could actually reduce the threat of nuclear conflict in the region ― the establishment of a Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone ― have been sidelined.

More: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/52983

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