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Congressman Huizenga on #FiscalCliff - there is $330bn of NEW spending

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At a Republican fundraiser, I met Huizenga

It was very interesting. He was running for the seat vacated by Hoekstra at that time.

I had a long conversation with him about fiscal responsibility and the Fed. At one point I told him I was a Ron Paul Republican and that I saw most members of both houses as those contributing to our past and now ever increasing fiscal problems, you should have seen his eyes bug when I said that. I like to think our conversation in that small venue, with my urging him to become what others pay lip service to actually being had some impact. Fingers crossed.

I think he is a good man and has room to grow and improve, but it looks like in the right direction.

That's awesome!

That's the kind of thing we need. Our representatives are supposed to REPRESENT us, but they can't do that if we don't tell them how we want them to.

This Republican representative

is starting to get it. A couple important points he made:

This is a very bad situation. The bottom line is there is 640 billion dollars in NEW revenue with only 15 billion dollars in CUTS, and at the end of the day we're looking at 330 billion dollars in NEW spending. We're going the wrong direction ... When the president said he was looking for 2 or even 3 dollars in CUTS for every dollar in revenue, that isn't the case and we're actually going the wrong direction.

This will be our 5th year of trillion dollar deficits and we can't suspend the laws of mathematics here. We've got to stop doing business this way in Washington D.C. where we're going to end up spending more, and adding to the deficit more and somehow calling it a victory.