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Euro discarded, Greeks turn to barter

Check out this article about Greece turning to barter and developing their own local currencies.

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This is very interesting, thank you. I saw in the comments

section, a link to the guy that invented the "Ithaca Hours" and is an expert on setting up local currency systems: http://www.paulglover.org/currencybook.html He wrote a little book about it available on his site.


you know you're not living in

you know you're not living in a free country (read: USA) when bartering is taxed.

I love this,

but I am a bit confused. What is a Tem? Do we have anything to compare? I'm really interested in what's happening in Greece because we are not far behind.

Just the other day I was at an Indian Reservation and was thinking, how amazing that these people lived on this land for so long, with no money, and only bartering. What a beautiful way to live! Never having to worry about money, sounds good to me:)

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is Greek abbreviation for a local currency unit. There have often been local money systems formed, with varied success. None get too big because of obvious problems with centrally issued/controlled "money" units.

When a currency collapses the problem isn't that people change. It's that they have no currency to properly organize things.

When Argentina went through their economic crash in 2001 people tried making similar local money units, but they quickly failed as they could be counterfeited easily with computer printers. Argentines returned to their devalued pesos and other barter items.

What people SHOULD start to use is Bitcoin, a decentralized currency, which has been mentioned here many times. I won't go into details, but people should research it.

We'll see if it becomes...


When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Too bad they're using another fiat currency...


Why was this comment down-voted?


quick read guys check it out

quick read guys check it out

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for tax free trade.