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Why Ban Guns And Why Now?

Gun bans are ridiculous because they don’t even try to ban the right guns.

Almost all gun-related crime is done using handguns.

Only 3.7% of gun-related crime is carried out using a rifle (Semi and Fully automatic riles like AR15s and M4s included.) That’s 323 known offenses committed using a rifle out of the 8,583 gun-related crimes in America in 2011, according to the FBI.

Just looking at statistics, we see that gun ownership has increased for the last couple of decades. We also see that gun-related crimes have decreased. We can get further down into the details and see that gun-free zones is where all mass murders take place and gun-control cities have worse violent crime than gun-lax cities.

But the fact remains that according to the FBI, if we’re going to ban guns, we shouldn’t ban rifles — semi automatic or even fully automatic — the guns we should logically be going after are handguns and small, concealable weapons. I don’t advocate this but if politicians really wanted to pretend they where here for our safety, they’d start here. But they won’t.

We are living in turbulent yet remarkable times. Just look at all the protests, riots and revolutions around the world. Full on over-throws of government are in fashion. People are ousting oppressive regimes using none other than “assault” rifles. And they use those rifles to capture their governments tanks and rockets and larger weapons so that they can succeed.

Have we ever seen such a worldwide political unrest ever before? We are in the middle of historic times and yet, here in America, our government is building a totalitarian police state. The push for gun bans in America stem from the current affairs of the rest of the planet. Our government sees the writing on the wall and they want to act before the people have a chance to react.

Politicians want to ban “assault” rifles for one reason; They don’t fear for the safety of the public, they fear for the safety of themselves and their position of power.

Politicians fear that they will be tossed to the side using the guns that they banned in 1986 and the weaker, semi-automatic, versions that they are trying to ban now.

How can the gov’t roll out SS/KGB style full warrant-less surveillance? Gitmo style, NDAA backed, indefinite detention? How can gov’t slowly start to tax 50%, 60%, 75% of ALL (not just the top 1%, the top 2%, top 5% but 100%) of our income?

Who’s easier to control, unarmed citizens who depend on the state from cradle to grave or smart, independent citizens who are armed and vigilant?

So the next time you hear a politician say “we need to ban assault rifles” ask them three questions:

1. Didn’t we already ban “assault rifles” in 1986?

2. Aren’t almost all crimes conducted with handguns and not rifles and certainly not “assault rifles”?

3. If gun-related crime rates are decreasing, why is gun-propaganda increasing?

So, why ban guns and why now?

In short; to preserve the totalitarian state which our government has worked so hard to build over the last 100 or so years. They can’t let all of their hard work go to waste, not now, when they are oh so close to finally achieving absolute power.

“An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.”

- Sha

Read more: http://sugashane.tumblr.com/

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With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.