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Drones Shot Down Over Texas

This is perhaps the single biggest reason why so many politicians within our government are trying to disarm the American people.


"Following columnist Charles Krauthammer's observation that the first person to shoot down a surveillance drone on U.S. soil will be a "folk hero," gun enthusiasts in Texas have done precisely that as a protest against the use of spy drones on the American people.

Using consumer drones as target practice, Alex Jones and the Steiner brothers tested out the best way to bring down the drones on the 10,000 acre Steiner ranch as part of filming for Brothers in Arms, a new show which focuses on firearms and the second amendment.

With spy drones now commercially available for less than $1,000 dollars that are barely any different from the ones being used by police departments to spy on the public, Jones and the Steiners made short work of the devices during filming."


If the people have guns, they can't have their drones flying around spying on innocent Americans. Why? We'd shoot them down.

Just imagine how many police officers they want to get rid of in favor of flying robocops that cost only $1,000 and do not require a $45,000 per year salary, healthcare, or overtime pay.

Police departments all over America are looking for new ways to save money, and flying drones are a big part of their plans. They cost a lot less than a human police officer, record everything, are capable of firing weapons, and always follow orders.

State Troopers? Police officers? You're jobs are literally at stake now, for your employers want to replace you with robots in the very near future. But first, they have to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. Please give this video 2 minutes!!!


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Wishful thinking

Up front some of these things fly at 20,000 feet. They have heat seeking devices installed. They can track you on the ground and punch your ticket in no time flat. You can use a survival blanket which traps your body heat but that will only last so long and your body heat will start to escape. Then you have had the lick. Some congressman from GA is trying to get SR 972 passed which would stop most of this but that bill has a 1% chance of getting out of committee. This is against the fourth amendment. Oh I forgot they don't care about the Constitution any more. All this is really turning into a mess. Looks like they want a full fledged civil war on their hands. Personally I believe the Democrats and the Republicans are trying to do us a number. I get sick just thinking about all of this. I am glad god is in control. I think he is about to get our attention.

A friend of mine

is thinking about investing and opening a range for this.


To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

Get real

What have you got that will shoot one of these out of the air when it is flying at 20,000 feet and can tell the time on your watch? No 30-06 is going to do it. Save your money.

plus you will need fly swatters

plus you will need fly swatters for the really little drones...not guns.

bump for activism


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For some reason I think it would be cool to capture

Instead of just blowing them up/shooting them down why not figure out how to bring them back to your shop with minimal damage. Then you could reuse the parts to take more down.

granted there are risks to this and its probably easier said than done, but it would be freaking hilarious if enough were caught to swarm the skies during a presidential speech out on the white house lawn. just returning them to sender you know. Not a threat to anyone's life mind you...non violence is the way to go. I am sure anti-aircraft guns would be going off like mad and scare the heck out of all the state worshipers. I would be a poetic protest.

Shoot them down. Take them

Shoot them down. Take them apart on video and post it on YouTube and oth channels.

I shoot ultra high speed video

for TV shows and for the Military. There is sonar technology that can be attached to drones, super high speed RC jets and other RC devices than can be honed in on other drones. This tech is available to the gen pop now, though it needs some enhancing to match up with what is needed to get her done. That said, I presume that if we the people want to battle 'their' drones we are going to have the means to do that on our own with what I have seen, no guns needed.

"My drone gonna take out YOUR drone, sucka"

Meet your child's future bus

Meet your child's future bus driver! And your future cabby! He/she is also your local police officer too, for these robots works 24/7/365 like Johny 5.


Absolutely unreal, mind blowing. Blowup dolls, your time has come...for you will all soon go the way of the dinosaurs...blow up sex robots will soon take your place.

After viewing this video, I wonder...how long is it before robots have, "human," skin?"

I don't own an I-pad, but my friend does. He said to me, "Ask Siri a question, any question."

I asked the I-pad what's 2,032 X 15....within 3 seconds I had an answer, and it was correct.

How long is it before the state implements robotic technology to its full draconian potential?

Of course state and federal law enforcement will push for this kind of technology in the near future, saying robots save taxpayers millions of dollars per year, and robots save the lives of, "human law enforcement."

The law enforcement of the future is not human.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

You asked a computer a math question and you got the right



And you are surprised.

Now, had you asked Siri, "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow," and Siri replied, "An African or European swallow?" THEN I'd be impressed, but only marginally, because some hacker probably programmed that in.

I'd also think the same if she answered "42" to the question, "What is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?"

In short, she's just a computer with limited knowledge. She can't make new information connections like a human can. She can creatively regurgitate, but she cannot THINK. That's called AI, and they haven't done it yet—likely not for many many moons yet either.

The key to taking down the powers that be...

is to convince those presently protecting them or acting as their enforcers that their best interests lay with us rather than them.


Their weakest link is our fellow brothers who just need some de-programming. Question is, how to pull that off.

With a new "meme"

and Frankenfienstein is making that possible.

All over cops are dusting off their constitutions and saying "I know it says something about guns in here."

The gun ban bill is going to compel patriots and cops to UNITE!

Cops everywhere are starting to wake up due to this crazy gun ban. Even those who've never read a constitution are fully aware of the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Now they are facing the possibility of having to confiscate guns and KNOW they will meet with stiff resistance.

Most... if not all cops are going to refuse to go to war with the American people. They are starting to realize we are right and how CRAZY it is that DHS is calling "constitutionalists" and "patriots" - TERRORISTS.

DARPA Building Real Life

DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots

This video is unreal!!! At 3:18 you might do a double take...


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


They tested all the ideas I immediately had to kick the damn thing over.

If these things get better and contain weaponry.. wow.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.


"it's one thing to have drones armed in afghanistan, but rolling them out in america?"

Judge Andrew Napolitano


First American to Shoot Down A Drone Will Be An American Hero

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

And the first one to land one

And the first one to land one on the white house lawn will really shake things up a bit.

Just for kicks, launching drones that report on the whereabouts of cop cars and helicopters (and drones) would be pretty nice as well. Rent reporting time, charging in Bitcoin.

John Robb is talking about a public protocol network of delivery drones now. Bitcoin would be a perfect way to pay for delivery services.

If they are so easy to shoot

If they are so easy to shoot down, then why isn't alqaida shooting them down?

Maybe because the United

Maybe because the United States government literally created Al-CIA-duh?

You know, that whole Bin Laden thing with the Soviets back in the 80's, his family going on vacation with the Bush's, secret flights out of the US directly after 911....you know.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yeah, I gotcha, but you know

Yeah, I gotcha, but you know those drones that are flying over and bombing people...why aren't the 'insurgents' just taking them out?

Because we fund them too...as

Because we fund them too...as most everyone here knows. The, "rebels," are being funded with US support, even though the, "rebels," have links to the Taliban and Al-CIA-duh, and are directly responsible for the killings of hundreds if not thousands of United States military troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yes, our government is now funding the people who killed our own troops in the Middle East. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

A drone must be easier to shoot

when your buddy is piloting it and your other buddy is filming it all to put on the internets.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."


and i think there's just a couple differences between MQ-1 Predator, MQ-9 Reaper, Scan Eagle, RQ-7 Shadow, MQ-8 Fire Scout and a $200 hobby lobby RC helicopter.

Yeah, that is what I was

Yeah, that is what I was thinking. It sounds more like they got a radio controlled toy but wouldn't real drones be pretty hard to take out?


what the feds have commissioned to fly over the USSA, but a lot of the drones in service now range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. many have a ceiling of well over 10k feet. and this is what they use when they're just toying around murdering arabs... it would be pretty easy to find that altitude sweet spot where almost no one could hit it from the ground and still be fully functional and cost effective.

check out some specs:

Corporations already have

Corporations already have more rights than individual people....as Mitt Romney said, "Corporations are people," and the Supreme Court agreed. Super PAC's were born...but that's not what I'm talking about here.

Flying drones, aka, robots are owned by corporate entities! Every town, village, and city in America is incorporated. In legal terms, your local police department is part of the local corporation.

Robots have legal rights, because they are owned by corporations...the robots are the property of the corporation, and I can seriously envision the day when an American is tried and prosecuted for, "roboticide."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.