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Mississippi River nears historic lows, shipping at risk

Mississippi River nears historic lows, shipping at risk

By Karl Plume | Reuters – 3 hours ago

(Reuters) - The drought-drained Mississippi River will rise slightly later this week between St. Louis and Cairo, Illinois, but later continue its decline toward historic lows, according to a National Weather Service forecast.

Low water, due to the worst U.S. drought since 1956, has already impeded the flow of billions of dollars worth of grain, coal, fertilizer and other commodities between the central United States and shipping terminals at the Gulf of Mexico.

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The river will do what the river will do

no stopping it


Good. Let nature take its

Good. Let nature take its course.
The alternative is some pencil-neck thinking he can enviro-engineer the river thrice more times to support shipping and 'control' flooding. That will include private land confiscation, taxes, central planning, and taxes.

Southern Agrarian