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Is Earth Really Overpopulated?

How many of us on one side or the other have actually even done the math on this equation? Well... like many things I have been led to believe I finally got around to looking this one up too.


196,939,900 miles

It's widely accepted that earth is covered by 70% water so now we subtract 70% =

59,081,970 square miles of land.

We are told by "governments" that there are now 7 billion people.

Let's divy up the land equally:

.00844 square miles


= 5 acres per being

Now how much of the land is desert?


Now we're down to 3.3 acres.

We can probably eliminate Antarctica from the equation:


2.9 acres

So there are currently 2.9 acres of "arid" land per human being on the planet. Now granted some folks will want to live together. Let's average that out at 3 per household worldwide.

Can you support a family of 3 on 8.7 acres? You can have a garden, some farm animals... and so on. Now this is taking into account nobody lives in the desert and nobody lives in the frozen tundra of Antarctica. This is all the best possible land earth has to offer.

Some will have bigger families and some people would want to live alone. I think however this might be a good average. Now this is also making the WILD assumption that the 7 billion... provided by "governments" - many of which seem to subscribe to the "overpopulation" agenda... is correct. Having traveled around however and seen so many open spaces... I'm beginning to wonder.

Just figured folks here might like to see the math since I was doing it anyway :)

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Re: If Gov.......

A cryptic analysis.

The Over-Pop Experts have always been with us. Like the more recent forms guised in various uniforms, there were calls to "clense" for millinnia.

The reasons they spoke, may have been different, but they were all the same.

They've always been with us.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Unfortunately, YES.

There are WAY too many politicians and bureaucrats.



When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Everybody in the whole wide world

could fit into the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Absolutely NOT!!!!

"Over population" = BAD GOVERNMENT (poorly managed to say the least).

The over population myth is a malicious consumerism LIE.

People who hate people believe in over population. People who focus on materialism LOVE over population myth, thinking, "If there were fewer people, there would be MORE for me", Or "Eliminate people to save the planet". The planet was here long before people and this planet will remain long after people. The life on this planet will evolve, re-create, morph.. some species will not survive and new ones will develope..

Back in the 70's.. Maybe 1970, my parents took us to an "Earth Expo".. one of the features was:

As people showed up to the expo, they had us wait until there was so many to form a group of about 20/24, and then we were walked into a smaller room, and then a smaller room, and so on, until we were all crammed most uncomfortably in what was a cell, where we waited for them to release us into the main expo hall.. the entire time we were being told how the Earth was over populated and there was not enough resources for all of us.. and by the time they opened the doors, you were so uncomfortable, near desperate for space (if you were clastaphobic, you would not be able to make it through the rooms). This is the kind of conditioning we have been FORCED to believe in the secular world.

If you think the world is over populated, do us a favor and get lost.. eliminate yourself because you are part of the problem.

Wiping out the human population isn't difficult and it's not impossible.. Yellowstone could erupt and there goes human life.. poof! So live, LOVE, embrace LIFE and God Bless YOU!

Absolutely spot on Granger!

Like the other poster above said, with truly free markets the possibilities are endless.

Plus like you said, the earth was here before us, and will be afterwards.

We as humans have not even scratched the surface of the resources within this world, it is the economic system of slavery that is preventing us from living efficiently rather than conveniently.

Remember in this world they tell us "time is money" . . So who has the time to stop and see the finer things in life and how we are destroying them, we have lost our touch, our connection with nature.

Fix the economic system and we as humans will be able to grow!

So, Granger..

The world's population is increasing by a bit over 200,000 people
per day.

If overpopulation is not a problem can we just send the next couple
days' worth of increase to your neighborhood?

I mean, if it's not a problem or anything...


I see downvotes but I don't see any volunteers.

OK, what about 12 hours worth of population growth? Only 110,000 people
give or take. You can put them in the extra bedroom, put up some tents in the
local park, how hard can that be?

YES YES YES!!!!! Please come one come ALL move here!

About 20 miles north of me is a town, population today is under 300, but 100 years ago the population was 15K. We have the resources.. we have the land, the water, the farm land, the ocean, the forest... What we don't have is a polulation that can WORK the land, as so many here are seniors (govt design? I think so).

Did you ever see Michael Moore's movie, "Bowling for Columbine?" There's a part where he's on the OR coast and he drives for over 200 miles and meets one sheriff the entire time, and then poses the question about one sheriff being homeland security for the area.

Extend that area.... From Alaska to San Francisco, excluding Seattle (which isn't really on a coast).

What we have going on is massive land grabs by the National Government.. the entire CA coast is now a National Park, and the parks continue to grow to keep people out (BTW, many parks are private land owned by the elite and leased to state and national parks).. land here is way over priced, every creek has been claimed by some government department in one way or another.

Today, when I go to work, like everyday I go to work, I'm going to hear people tell me... "Oh I wish I lived here. Oh you are so lucky to live here." And I will tell them where the local spots are so they can meet people and get connected.. and I will pray for them that their dream to live here happens.

People are NOT the problem.. BAD GOVERNMENT, bad management of resources, bad management of population and land management.

On Monday, I will work the soup kitchen, and I will provide food, clothing, aid, toiletries to an unstable population.. My Church offers free emergency shelter, I contribute to a State Park that has agreed (only from public outrage, rallies, petitions, showing up at meetings enmass) to allow free camping for homeless, and as far as I'm concerned, the homeless can occupy that land as long as they need, until they find a home HERE, where every school has a huge sustainable garden that produces more food than the children can eat.. the inns, the hospital, many people here grow food.. I give away 80% of the pastured, hormone free eggs from my free range pastured chickens.. My Grange also provides shelters, clothing, blankets (we make dresses and shirts for children.. baby clothes, quilts). And I do what I can to not only give tents and tarps but bikes.. we also care for dogs,, free food, free sweaters, flea products, collars, leashes and funds for vets,, funds for the hospital and clinics to care for people who have been hurt or became ill.

And yes.. we believe in guns here.. seems the only problems we have are when the government decides to mess with us, our sheriff is an oath keeper.. we do poly farming.. many folks have soloar power, wind power, a decade ago many of us got into biofuels, converted cars, and found out how hard it is on rubber.. we have horses and there is a movement to get horses back on the streets.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME live, love, grow and populate our community.. have 20 kids we'll LOVE them and YOU. I have camping places that are safe, clean water..

Now you may not like the way we smell.. we are a working community, farms, ranches.. we work hard and share what we've got with joy in our heartds and a LOVE for humanity.

Send us your homeless.. send us all those people you HATE, we will care for them and di what we can to help them not just sustain, but thrive.

I don't care how much land

I don't care how much land there is. I think people should be responsible in how many children they have and only have as many as they can actually afford to take care of and are willing to do a quality job as parents. Most humans live around urban centers for resources and work. It doesn't matter how much land is in between, the urban and suburban areas get crowded and the quality of life deteriorates. However, as people prosper they tend to self-limit their families to 2 children or less. So rather than governments setting population mandates we ought to have freedom which creates prosperity and thus a modest population growth.

Good Points, but, for what it worth...

2.8 children per couple only sustains a population, less then this is a recipe for eventual extinction.

As you point out, people all over the world are already doing this voluntarally,but not just the prosperous. My research indicates that the only demographics growing rapidly at this time are Latinos and Muslims.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

You left out Mormons..

and a big whack of sub-Saharan Africa that is still growing

It varies according to what list you look at, but of the
forty or so countries where the birth rate is 4.0 or higher,
all but three or four (Palestinian Territories, Yemen, Iraq
and Afghanistan) are in Africa.

A lot of N. Africa and Mideast are high, but Algeria
and Lebanon are very low??

There are some countries that have had dramatic drops:
Paraguay - on the UN's 2005-10 lists it as having the
68th highest birthrate of 3.08. But the CIA list for 2012
has it ranked 122nd at 2.06. Brazil is less than 1.9...


Two or fewer children per couple

does not equal population growth.

jrd3820's picture


Well thanks for doing the math, I still say yes though! There are too many people who need too many things and they are unable or unwilling to try to provide for themselves. Also, I am not an expert on this, but I think you might have to take away some high altitudes from the equation. And just some mountainous areas altogether.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
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