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Did Ron Paul sell out?

I'd like to hear people's comments on this:


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Folks don't like this

Ron Paul' campaign stabbed me in the back, personally (as a state coordinator), at the end of the 2008 campaign. It was bad enough I did not even get involved this time until they opened a call center in Idaho, and were begging for people to make phone calls. I decided to try to help, he did have some momentum this time. While making thousands of phone calls for Ron, the paid staffer running the call center told me we were not trying to win, we were trying to make Idaho a more "Rand friendly state." This was long before the suspension of the campaign.
You are right. Ron was never in this to win, and he made deals with the devil. From what I was told by paid staff, it appears these deals were to get Rand's political career established.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

and how many people volunteered?

you were the only one that happened to have his unfortunate experience? i would imagine people claiming this must be in the hundreds, no actually, tens of thousands, if this were a nation-wide strategy and everybody was passing around this memo like wild, instead of just half a dozen bad apples acting, and mainstream media would have missed this chance to ridicule him, if hundreds of thousands of people lashed out at him like you did? are you devoid of common sense? you really have a problem don't you? forget the diagnosis and phony psychologists, ask yourself deep within. and if you were so convinced in your belief, why didn't you call up your contacts to confirm what you hear elsewhere? to confirm this is indeed going on nationally? no, you got your drama material and that was enough for you, sit back and start posting on internet, lol.

Nice rant.

I speak the truth. I don't expect anyone to like it or believe it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

That Was Hard To Read

I like to think I am open-minded so I honestly don't know. Nothing surprises me anymore. Not since Rand endorsed Rombombya anyway.



None of the accusations leveled against Ron Paul are new...we've all hashed them out here on the DP. It is little more than a compilation of assumptions and conclusions, very short on facts, woven together to 'prove' Ron Paul is duplicitous.

For example, Ron Paul rolled over and let Romney steal his Louisianna delegates because he was in cahoots with Romney. It is a fact that is delegates were stolen, but it is not clear what, exactly, Ron Paul could have done about it. Appeal to the RNC? They helped in the theft! Go to court? With what money and with what prospect that it would work before the election? Maybe Ron Paul's response was the same as a person who, playing chess, knows he's been checkmated. Tantrums don't change that.

Is it possible Ron Paul had ulterior motives? Possibly. Do we know what they were (if they existed)? No.

I think Ron Paul was bested by a machine that was better financed, with better press connections, and a built-in voter base. Ron's actions are perfectly understandable when put in that perspective. He was repeatedly asked if he was going to win and he repeatedly said he was going to do the best he could and bring the maximum number of delegates to the convention. That does not mean he did not WANT to win, but it certainly means that he knew he couldn't win, given the way his opponent was playing the game. Supporters who deluded themselves after the first few primaries (when the press skipped even mentioning his results) it became clear he was not going to win. The fact that he stayed in the race as long as he did, despite the writing on the wall, was probably more out of loyalty to his supporters than to some nefarious nepotistic motives on his part.

You kidding

First of all let us remember that Ron Paul and his supporters were cheated out from winning the nomination by GOP who broke their own rules, so who really sold out.


If anything This man was too honest for politics.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

interesting read

But I do not think your evidence proves that Ron sold out. He decided not to pursue a confrontational approach when supporters were assaulted at conventions. I wish he hadn't but I can understand why he did what he wanted to act in the tradition of Ghandi rather than say Malcolm X.