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Iran evacuates city of 1.5 million - possible nuclear leak


So.... which government cares about its people, Iran or Japan?

Our entire nuclear industry needs shut down and forced to change to thorium.

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So...let me get this

So...let me get this straight...a city with known conventional pollution problems and knownnactions taken against those problems is ordered to evacuate? Nowhere in this article do I see anything but opinion from the author that this has anything to do with a "nuclear leak". What I do see is more propaganda that uranium enrichment means they are making warheads. Again, opinion....this article has no proof no matter how circumstantial that this has anything to do with either nuclear contamination or enrichment with intent to weaponize uranium. This is purely a propaganda piece to demonize Iran. From what I can tell the Iranian government tells the truth more often than ours, I will take them at their word until there is proof otherwise.

Official Dismisses Rumors

"The rumors about leaking and contamination at Isfahan's UCF are not true at all; some western media are just seeking to create tumult in the society through such moves," Deputy Governor-General of Isfahan province for Political and Security Affairs Mohammad Mehdi Esmayeeli told reporters in Isfahan on Sunday.


"Our entire nuclear industry needs shut down and forced to change to thorium."

Or, you know, the market could decide...

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