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A New Year's Gift From Congress: Higher Taxes For Just About Everyone!

Happy New Year, liberty lovers! The turning of a new year is a great time to not only reflect on the past year, but hopefully to also learn from it and make some changes for the coming year. Many people use the New Year to declare “resolutions”, the result of which are theoretically intended to create positive changes in one’s life. Even though we, as humans, will often fall back into old habits, it can certainly be a positive excercise to state some goals and attempt to achieve them.

The United States Congress on the other hand, goes about things a bit differently.

This year Congress let the much-ballyhoo’d December 31, 2012 “fiscal cliff” deadline pass only to negotiate a deal under the cover of New Year’s Day. Of course, most people are spending New Year’s Day out celebrating and not paying attention to the news. Also quite conveniently, most if not all Congressional offices are closed on New Year’s Day and therefore unable to take any possible complaints from angry constituents. It’s quite a crafty move, one employed by President Obama last year when he signed the NDAA, indefinite detention and all, into law under the cover of New Year’s Eve. Instead of learning from past mistakes, such as the massive amount of deficit spending and subsequent kick-the-can-down-the-road deals that led to the much-ballyhoo’d “fiscal cliff” crisis, Congress continued to prove that changing the party in power never changes policy.

With control over the House of Representatives, Republicans in particular had an opportunity to make a principled stand and refuse to back any bill that raised taxes on Americans and didn’t drastically reduce spending. This would not only be in line with what Republicans claim to stand for, but it’s also the only legitimate way to tackle the massive deficit problem. Sounds like a no-brainer, huh? Of course, most Republicans don’t actually stand for reducing government in any way other than rhetoric. At this point we shouldn’t be surprised when great Republican “leaders” such as John Boehner and big government illusionst Paul Ryan vote for bills that both raises taxes and spending while hailing themselves as heroes for avoiding the “fiscal cliff”.

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I love buzzwords

Hopefully we wont have to listen to the mindless media parroting of that phrase any more. Time for a new buzzword they dont examine or understand so I can have multiple idiotic conversations with people.


Republican party is dead

Of course

Government is out for government - naturally they would pass this garbage, because if they didn't it would threaten their collective positions of power.