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Have You Seen the ‘Guns Are Welcome’ Sign That’s Burning up the Internet?

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You might have seen signs at certain establishments letting customers know they welcome things like pets or strollers. But there’s a new sort of welcome sign that has begun to go viral on the Internet recently: a welcome sign for guns.


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Makes a Great Gift!

lol. I think one of these would fit in with my pirate flag and "Come Back with a Warrant" door mat.

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Haha! This is cool!



Green circle around pictogram is the right symbol.

Several countries standardized on:

- Red circle with slash over pictogram: Forbidden.
- Green circle around pictogram: Permitted.

The (typically red, occasionally black) circle with a backslash over a pictogram, indicating forbidden, is also part of ISO 3864 (though the (typically green) unslashed circle around a pictogram apparently is not).

Red circle around a pictogram is just confusing.

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Was a diner in podunk Kansas and they had a couple of these

One had the firearm with the green circle and the other had a tank, same thing. Both were prominently displayed at the front door of the restaurant. Had to get a picture of it.

I'd love to find out where they got them.

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