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Texas House Speaker's Race: David Simpson Needs Your Help

Dear Fellow Liberty Activists,

In case you have not heard, we have ANOTHER champion of Liberty here in the great state of Texas: David Simpson from Longview, Tx.

To keep it short and sweet, what you need to know is David is running against the abominable Joe Strauss in the Speakers Race. David does not play the political game and was told last session as an incoming freshman, he either played ball, or would be a one term rep and his legislation would go no where (they even tried to redistrict him out they were so scared). But alas, his Anti-groping TSA Bill made national headlines AND he has been reelected. He is fighting tyranny, supporting, defending, and pushing for Liberty, smaller government, limited government, and everything here in the DP we love and fight for.

He is gathering 50 supporters and once he reaches 50, he will release ALL the names at once. So YOU need to contact/demand your Rep to not only vote for David, but be in contact with his office and give their support to him as one of his 50.

We don't want Strauss because he will suspend the rules willy nilly for his own gain and is just there to get what he wants. David is principled like Dr. Paul, and does not compromise. BTW, the vote is on January 8th, so call NOW!

Read his letter upon filing here: http://www.texastribune.org/texas-house-of-representatives/s...

Listen to his Personal Privilege Speech after the TSA Bill was killed her: http://youtu.be/ZQdp0sBrtwE

And lastly, find out who your HD rep is here:http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/

For Liberty!

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Texas for Liberty!

Texas will be a stronghold as long as our countrymen keep the tide in favor of Liberty.

Make the call.



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