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Speaker of the House Vote (Final - Boehner Re-Elected) and First Session of Congress

Looks like Amash & Massie have voted for someone other than Boehner - couldn't hear who they chose. Currently 12 have opted as present or other.

Live Stream to 1st Session:

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Speaker vote on Thomas


If I realized this would be so easy to see I sure wouldn't have wasted my time listening to c-span with pen in hand.

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

funny how

as things change, they stay more the same.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

So much for thinking

there may be any hope by staying in the GOP.

They are far too well funded and entrenched against liberty thinkers. After working heart and soul in 2008 adn 2012 I am done as a memebr of the party.

Not certain what I will do , but i knwo one thing., I will now use my energy , funds and time to put spokes in every GOP wheel I see.

I don't think anything short of massive (and I mean massive) losses by the GOP will change anything in their house. And even then...

Still voting?

Anybody have a link to see

Anybody have a link to see who voted which way?


won another term. The Republicans must want to continue their losing streak into the next election.

They follow all these protocols...

They treat this like its all important and tradition requires that they present themselves as high and almighty...next up, they all leave and immediatly return to pillaging the public purse and working their hardest to get rid of our LAST remaining constitutional protection...The right to bear arms. We are watching the swearing in of known tyrants...and nobody notices...nobody cares :(

Where is a lone gunman on psycotropic drugs when we REALLY need one?

The Answer is Rather Sickening in the Short Term

"Where is a lone gunman on psycotropic drugs when we REALLY need one?"

Hmmmmm. Notice that the unfolding of events always leads to LESS freedom as a consequence of some event. Where indeed are the actions of "lone" gunmen which lead to MORE freedom? You're asked the question of the ages and identified a conspiracy as a result. Yes, indeed, people ALL across the world are dealing with globalists staging tragedy after tragedy to centralize power in the hands of fewer and fewer people while restricting freedom for their subjects. Every day with every delay, the globalists with their fiat monetary system accumulate more power. Which will collapse first, freedom or the financial system which suppresses freedom? We already know the answer to this latter question. Freedom will lose first.

Well, that was disgusting.

Well, that was disgusting.

SteveMT's picture

Only listening to this Kabuki theater of hypocrisy.

I cannot watch.

my spite is to clean to find it on his face

Boehner the cock sucking bastard who screwed us "and the ayes got it" and now he is screwing the republican party.

Check yourself please.

Boehner won

nm I see it was already posted

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Anyone else about to puke at Pelosi's hypocrisy?

"Today we take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution..."

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Yup. Just flipped, and it wasn't a pancake.

This is the stuff that vomit is made of.

Just like the non existent

Just like the non existent budget, the constitution to them is whatever they want it to be.

Southern Agrarian

Amazing what we have become

The biggest criminal gang in the history of the world puts on the illusion of legitimacy while they all pat each other on the back. Congressional approval rating ended at 12% in 2012. On what planet would a 12% rating deserve such pagentry? This is a disgrace. I've got to turn it off so I don't poke my eyes out.

I would love to rant how suprised I am

But considering we are having open discussion in this country of gun confiscation on one side and open discussion on the DP about when exactly is the right time to shoot back on the other - I simply am not suprised at all.

To have such a failure be re-elected, after his purging, after his monumental fails time after time - makes it 100% clear that we are effectively ruled by one class and Obama and Boner answer to the same king.

Dark days are ahead for sure people.

Can someone please post the final vote when all is said and done.

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Boehner Reelected As Speaker Of 113th Congress

It seems that despite a plethora of posturing and rancorous rhetoric from splinter-group after splinter-group questioning every aspect of Boehner's banality; the Republican managed to squeeze through with no real problems (as even an apparent nemesis - Cantor - stood by his man's side).


No 'secret ballot' this time, full "viva voce" roll call to follow

As Fox News noted:

Most Americans would be shocked to learn that the election of the Speaker is not done by secret ballot. Instead, on the first day of a new Congress, each member is called by name on the floor to announce, with party leadership looking on, whom that member supports for Speaker.

He didn't squeeze through

with no problems.

He needed 214 votes and got 220. 3 Rs didn't vote, which if they voted against Boehner, he would have needed 216. This was very close and if it was done by secret ballot, I'm positive more would have voted against him and he would have lost.

And considering his recent purging

who the hell is going to stand up? It would effectively be neutering themselves.

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This is a day that I did not want to ever see,....

a day with a U.S. Congress without Congressman Ron Paul in it. This is a day that the torch has been passed to Amash in the House and Rand Paul in the Senate, IMO. The transition period is now over. Hopefully, other Patriots will emerge with time. However at present, the reality is that Ron Paul will now be known as a former Congressman. This is a day for reflection.

Bentivolio voted Boehner?


Where are the tally's ?

I cannot find them

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Yes, I was surprised at that one


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Hard to watch

That group has earned their unpopularity

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Wasn't there something

that has to be introduced immediately as the first issue that can still overturn this? Or is it in stone now? I'm not up on the details of the plan to oust Boehner that was afoot.

so i guess all these tea party wannabes

are actually big government statist anyway

Sorry but

I hope they give the L Bobbitt treatment to this Bo.ner

Oops, my bad too late. Looks like Obama got his chew toy back.

Who is L Bobbitt?

Who is L Bobbitt?

Southern Agrarian