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Is John J Duncan Ron Paul's political heir?

WASHINGTON — The blogosphere has been abuzz with speculation about who might continue to carry the torch for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul now that the straight-talking Texan and campaigner for low taxes and limited government is retiring from Congress.

For some, the answer seems obvious: The next Ron Paul just might be U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., a straight-talking Tennessean whose political philosophy and voting record are closely in sync with Paul's on many issues.

"He's probably the closest to Ron Paul's ideological twin on Capitol Hill," said Mark Anderson, a Ron Paul fan from Atlanta.

Duncan, a Knoxville Republican, said while he and the retiring congressman share many of the same beliefs, "I don't think anyone can replace Ron Paul or become another Ron Paul, and that certainly is not my goal."

At the same time, "it is probably accurate to say that during the 16 years Congressman Paul and I have served together, no two members have voted more alike than we have," Duncan said during a recent floor speech in which he lauded Paul's service in Congress.

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Looks promising at least as someone to support - anyone know anything about this guy?

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I don't know a lot about him...

I remember someone mentioned his great tribute to Ron Paul on the House Floor. For some reason though, during the Presidential campaign, he endorsed Romney pretty early on. Not saying that's a reason to abandon him, just more proof that there really is no Ron Paul heir, the "next" Ron Paul. The closest in my mind is Justin Amash, who votes very much like the doctor and endorsed him early on, and the only Paul supporting Congressman I'm aware of who refused to endorse after the Dr. was out of the race. We've got to be careful about casting aside anybody who doesn't match the Dr. one hundred percent, because that is going to be very very hard to come by.

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I would have to look at the pudding, but...

I certainly won't haphazardly get behind a man that I've never even heard of.

I Wrote A Comment Yesterday On Another Post...

... how we should get behind him for speaker of the House. I like the fact that him and Ron Paul were two of the 4 I believe who voted against going into Iraq.

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Oh Well...

... guess not. Boehner won.

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