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Demand a Real Plan: Alex Jones on Democide (Death by Government)

It's a parody of that Demand a Plan gun control video. Governments are the number one killer of people. I thought this was pretty well done, and I'm not a huge Infowars fan.


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Not much context

but this is what he's referring to


not defending the clip (it's full of exaggeration e.g. 'they're all' 'everyone' etc etc) but the basic point is that we may not believe the wild stuff but the pentagon tends to at least test it out. Have you read The Men who stare at Goats by Jon Ronson - good book on the crazy stuff the military investigate and how it gets perverted and twisted until it has a use. Shit film but read the book.

I think Alex is basically confusing a scientist gaining insight through drugs with something else more sinister. There's a lot of stuff mixed up in the clip. VR, Drugs, Elves and not a hell of a lot of context so it's hard to know what train of thought he was on:D He's riffing a bit.

I've freebased DMT about a dozen times

I honestly don't know what the hell McKenna is talking about here. I wasn't doing the massive doses that he was doing, but I still didn't see any beings.

Alex Jones is WAY off-base from anything rational. He needs a good drug trip more than anyone in the US.

He's just a little

He's just a little overbearing sometimes. There's some good info that comes through him, but I take it all with a grain of salt and like to verify stuff he says through other sources.

Well duh! You should always

Well duh! You should always do that, with anybody. He sees our country falling apart, so I like the fact that he gets excited.

juan maldonado