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A look into the thoughts of a normal everyday Liberty activist

I'm a long time ghostreader and hardly ever comment on this site, but I've been noticing a strong pull away and sometimes disdain for volunteerist, agorist, anarchist and or anarcho-capitalist for a while now on this board and others. I can imagine how many are feeling that way off these boards. It seems the majority of our movement has taken this view of either you're now republican or you're not with "us". All I have to do is look at the down votes, up votes and comments here or on any freedom site to get a consensus. It's really getting to where people I know are feeling pushed away from people within this movement and I don't like that not one bit. Btw, by definition my views are somewhat closer to Anarcho-capitalism and Agorism(just to introduce myself).

Have we not learned from our history?? Out of all other people(I like to see us Liberty folk as more open minded individuals than others), haven't we learned from the downfalls of other movements and seen how they were ripped apart from the inside? That if you can't stand united you shall fall.

I have to say it and I know I will probably be blasted since this is called the "Daily PAUL", but Ron Paul didn't start this liberty idea. It was here before him and will be here after him. He was the first person that got me paying attention to the political spectrum, so I see him as my first teacher of many important subjects. He started many things and has taught me so much that sometimes I feel my head would explode and actually feel he has taught some of us so much that we now question even him lol(which I think it's extremely important to not follow blindly).
BUT, he is just a man... Like you, like me, like your neighbor, like your postman, like any other human being. There was also another great man that taught me; "Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized." - Albert Einstein.
It resonates in my mind and plays back over and over when I think of this movement and which direction we're heading.

I look at Rand Paul voting for sanctions in Iran, I look at Rand saying the C4L will move away from foreign policy talks, I seen Jesse Benton calling some of our people "fringe groups", I now see Benton saying he's never been more proud of a boss than a neo-con Sen. McConnell. I see people in this movement that will follow Rand anywhere he goes ONLY because his last name is Paul. I see these pro-republican comments like if 'rand endorsed Romney then i'd vote for him', and feel saddened with the fact that now we should be "playing the game" to get our freedoms back.... It really does hurt me to hear some in this movement say that.

I think we have to take a step back and look at what some of us are endorsing or advocating. Go back and look at what our principles are. Remember when we were all here for one reason. And that was for the advancement of liberty, no matter what your race, ethnicity, religious or non-religious beliefs, truther, birther, resource based economist, austrian economist, bitcoin advocate, anarchist, volunteerist, democrat, republican, anarcho-capitalist, libertarian, green party, tea party, constitutionalist, mini-anarchist or agorist we were all here for Liberty.
Look at our movement now..
It seems some are really drawing lines on who and how we can represent our movement, when in fact none of us really has the right to do that, not a Rand, not a Kokesh and not even a Ron. It started early in the C4L when they would publicly distance themselves from certain individuals like Tom Woods and or an Adam Kokesh. These guys are of our own. Say what you will about Mr. Kokesh's and Mr. Woods opinions, but they are in this for Liberty, period. They have advanced this movement just as much as the next. They have been around this movement long enough to see who the snakes are and who are not. They had the cojones to not "play nice" and call these traitors out and now we all see what they said was true.

I say this with the utmost respect.. I wholeheartedly blame Ron Paul for having those people handling his campaign. A leader must be the one to take the full blame for his teams mistakes no matter who it was that personally made those mistakes. If I get blasted for that then so be it. To me, that's an easily forgiven offense and we move on because we are ALL humans and all of us make mistakes from time to time. What I won't move on from is somebody telling me how I should feel about that issue and that i'm in the wrong for questioning a leader.

I look at some on here that will probably STILL back a Rand campaign with a Jesse Benton, Jack Hunter or John Tate on it even after showing their true colors, but will blast a Adam Kokesh or a Tom Woods for saying that the Ron Paul campaign has let us down when they both have stayed loyal to the movement. The movement is NOT Ron Paul, it's NOT Rand, it's NOT Kokesh, it's NOT Republican, it's NOT Libertarian and it's NOT an Agorist movement. It's a FREEDOM movement. It is more than just one man, no matter how many want to believe that. It's incredible that we now have a difference in opinion on whether or not we should stick to our guns and fight anything that is unconstituional or to just politically give in to get a small chance to fight another day.

There is no need to give up a little of our principles in my honest opinion. No matter if it's going to let us get to Audit the fed or to get the budget a bit more balanced, it's still a compromise that we should NOT make and I will NOT make. We are the future and they ALL know it, so no need for it. Ron Paul taught us that you stick to your convictions no matter the outcome, did he not??
So, why now, when we need that more than ever that some in our movement are advocating we go ahead and play along to get along?

We all know what we're up against. The elites and their minions have owned the people for long enough and it's time for us Patriots to take our lives back for good. We really have to be careful that in the process of getting to where we need to be that we don't become "THEM" by compromising our principles..

I'm sorry for the rant lol. I just thought this needed to be said.

Peace to All. I Love you guys :)

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Summed up a lot of what I've been thinking (and mostly keeping to myself).

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I am glad you posted about this.

Love it.

Many of those political states, you mentioned are

brothers and sisters, so I may disagree and even fight with them on ideas. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't stand by them if the SHTF so to speak.

Two groups I will not abide personally, are socialist and socialist-lite's or neoCON's, emphasize on "con" because they are full of shit politically.

I don't care for the idea that we should abolish all forms of government but Anarchist's are Patriots too, and so on and so on.

It's just, many of us are very passionate about our ideology and our country.. You can't blame people for that.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I hear you. I wouldn't side

I hear you. I wouldn't side with a socialist or a neo-con either, but I would still have the discussion and listen to them to see if I could change a few minds or just to drop some knowledge seeds.

I don't blame anyone for how they feel I just think we should keep an open mind when it comes to speaking to different groups of people.

I'll let people like you do that.

I'd just as soon ignore them. When Dr.Paul was running, I brought 14 people into the light but they were independent.

Every neocon or socialist I talked to was a wash for one reason or another.. most of them were only waiting for me to stop talking so they could spout their trash.

When I hear people say "The Constitution is just an old piece of paper" or "I doubt the Founding Fathers meant for you to have (insert whatever)". I don't usually react well.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

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14 people?!?


I guided 7 our way, but 4 of them were liberal liberal liberal so I had to work extra hard! You still win though.

Nope, I give that one to you.

Bless your heart lol.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.



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Well, if you have been lurking long enough you know what you said is not a popular thought around here, hence the crickets! I hear ya though.... it is just that this movement is so scattered and includes people of so many different political backgrounds it is hard to get everyone on one page.

Yeah, I figured. I've seen

Yeah, I figured. I've seen people get called trolls and infiltrators if they have different views on many sites. I Just thought a level headed discussion about the direction of our movement could be had. Or maybe a 'can't we all just get a long' speech would suffice lol

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I have tried the cant we all just get along speeches.... Not so popular around these parts.

Since no one else is listening want to hear my thoughts?

This is a male dominated movement. As a female, I see the majority of the arguments here as pissing competitions. They are mostly petty and pointless.

I posted a few months back about the fact that we will be gathering much attention from the youth over the next few years. A lot of them will be ex Obama supporters and some of them might not even hate him they might just want a real change. Some of them might not know about the truth behind 9/11 so they might have questions. It will do nothing for our movement to call them sheep, down vote them, or tell them they are stupid and not libertarian enough. I hate to see this movement self-destruct.

Yes, def want to hear your

Yes, def want to hear your thoughts :)

Politics is definitely male dominated and I commend you for sticking it out knowing you might be given a hard time from us guys.

I agree with your idea. We all came from another party or just never had one, so we can be a bit nicer to new comers. Maybe not nice, but just with respect. I've noticed whenever I have a convo with a liberal or a republican they seem to always be so defensive. This makes me think that they have to fight to state their opinion and I try to use 'suggestive' tactics and less 'aggressive' ones.

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For starters, I think we all have to admit we are just as defensive and emotional as the other parties. Everyone here complains about knee jerk reactions from the other side. However, I know nothing about guns, I do not own a gun, yet I would never agree with the idea of taking someone else's guns. That being said, I once asked here what the difference between an assault riffle and "non assault" type weapons are. I asked because I genuinely did not know. Know what I got in return. Knee jerk reactions about how I might as well join the gun grabbers. Seriously... for simply asking a question....

We are also hypercritical of anyone who is not Ron Paul. Take Kucinich for example. No, he is not perfect, but I stated in a thread recently if he was running in my district I would vote for him. Why? Because at least I know that I would be sending one person to congress who would honestly work on something I agree with (anti war) instead of sending someone who says they are working for me on everything, but is not looking out for my interest at all.

This goes for media. I have read complaints about Bill Maher and John Stewart here. All campaign season I read complaints about the media blackout of Ron Paul. Yet, Stewart and Maher had Ron Paul on more than once. So, they do not agree with everything Ron stands for, they let him speak... why the hate then? I had a friend I spent 2 yrs talking Ron Paul to, and one night after he saw Ron on Bill Maher he called me and said he was forever changed and has been a libertarian activist since.

Next, we all think we are so much smarter than each other and everyone else. The other voters are called sheep when they could be looked at as potential libertarian voters. I spent most of 2012 on college campuses and I helped guide and convert numerous young people to this movement. Had I just looked at them as sheep I would not have gotten anywhere.

So, I think my point, is similar to yours. Yes, we can disagree (and we will), but we can do it so much more productively than we do now. This is where I see the problem. Again, sometimes I think the boys here get involved in name calling pissing matches in what I (as a female) view as a "who has a bigger penis" argument. It is not helpful or productive at all.