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My Contribution to the 2nd Amendment - Ammo

Well guys, the site is underway. The logo is done and some product pages that are not yet published. It will still be a couple days until it's live as in open for business for CC users.

www.ammopit.com all you get is the logo for right now as I am getting contracted approvals from the CC auth. company.

I am still getting a few technicalities done on it and want to thank a few folks here that already contacted me by email and ordered by money order already who will be receiving their goods in the next few days as they are already shipped.

The .223 ammo is already going WAY fast just with having it available so I hope we don't go out of stock before the site actually goes live! (well maybe I do, so I can be ready to buy more the minute it's available to me)

I just wanted to show off the logo right now, I really like it lol.

Big Respect to you DPers!

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Well Guys

here is the update.

the site is ready, but, even without the site word got out so fast that I have more orders than 100K rounds per week BY ALOT. Everything we have is gone, including pistol ammo.

My partner is my Dad, he is getting a few cases leaked to him here and there in this radical display of supply and demand going on and he is listing them on gunbroker.com under DRYCREEKAMMO and getting super premiums for what little we are getting. Our manufacturer got deluged with orders as well. That may change a bit soon and when it does I will make another announcement on it.

I was 6 months too late in getting this going and wish I would have stockpiled with foresight. More to follow as soon as I can see what is going on after the manufacturer gets back from the shot show in Las Vegas on Monday.

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how much longer

until your site is up and running?
i have some impatient friends

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

HI Deacon

It's ready to load up live, but per my above post our supply got ravaged without the site even being up yet just by word of mouth. I will update more info asap this coming week.

Thank you so much for keeping an eye out! I will post more updates with hopefully better news real soon.


Will you accept BitCoins?


I've been thinking about it

But not at this time. I need FRN's for fast turnaround just getting into this.

I am not a big Bitcoin fanatic, as some here know. I like silver and gold. However, with all I have posted in opposition to bitcoin, I am not opposed to the option but I am not ready for it yet. There are things I really like about bitcoin and things I don't, but I am going to prepare to make the option available pending some initial success here.

What if the feds......

...ask you for all the IPs that have visited your site to browse?

or for those who have placed orders?

How far are you willing to resist?

That's what I'd need to know before visiting.

That said, I'd be willing to pay a premium for a rock solid promise of privacy under any/all circumstances you might encounter.

It would also be nice if you could accept payment by money order.


you don't have to use the website to order at all. You can email me at my personal email address or call me to make an order.

You can contact me through the DP user contact and I will reply with my personal email that is not apportioned to ammopit.

These are excellent options!


The Feds can 'ask' and I will read them MY rights!

I have NO interest in voluntary assistance to the Feds in any way in regards to the 2nd Amendment or ANY other rights that I have they may want to infringe upon. This I will resist even with handcuffs on sitting in the back of a blacked out cruiser. I WILL NOT be 'scared' into giving away my rights or anyone else's.

If they want IP's they will have to subpoena them from the host provider because "I" won't have them available...

That said, I still will operate under the existing laws until these laws change in a manner that will compromise OUR (yours and mine)ability to remain private citizens and at that point I will stop doing it all together as this is very important to me. That means I need to see a State or Military ID that will verify that your age as an ammo purchasing customer will not default my position in the freedoms we do have left.

I will also not ship to places where it is illegal for me to ship ammo or to ship it without the buyer holding proper credentials as required by individual State laws.

I accept Money Orders, no problem. The only reason the site isn't active is because I don't want to waste time on the shopping cart using code that will not work with the CC processing system I will have in place (hopefully today argh! was supposed to be yesterday).

If anyone wants to see more right now, just click the tip of the bullet on logo you see when you go to www.ammopit.com

Final note for this weekend as an FYI, the shipping crew will be attending the Butte Gun Show in Montana this weekend, shipping will commence on Monday the 7th when they are back at the warehouse.

Thank you for bringing up this important issue. Liberty is key!


Advertise with the Ron Paul Yellow Pages.

Thanks for that Suggestion!

I will do so right away!

Many Thanks!



Believe it or not

That is the hardest ammo to get right now for me. Too bad that caliber of brass is Euro style and not able to be reloaded...

well you can reload it just

well you can reload it just takes more work....i'm fine with steel cased seeing how its about impossible to reload right now

I think your logo needs a

I think your logo needs a couple bullet holes, but that's just me.


Come to think of it, you

Come to think of it, you could have that logo put on your page as a flash or dynamic html so that it starts off as shown but then there are a few gunshot sounds and a few bullet holes appear in the logo to coincide with the loud report.


Thanks haha

My web guy suggested very similar things also with animating the cartridge with HTML5 a bit.

I think we will go that direction with things once I get the rest of the site whole, I don't want to burn him out and hold things up on getting it functional first, then put on the lipstick hehe.


Yep, good logo. I like it.

Looking forward to the new site.

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Thank you very much!

It's going to be pretty simple, but I am going to put some videos up of firing off our own ammo in full auto and accuracy shooting as we go along as well.

I will probably put up some of my ultra high speed video as well that is WAY cool stuff.

I can't wait!

Simple is better. Flashy is nice to look at but functionality works better I think.

Please keep us updated.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

How bout' 9mm?


"Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books...Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: 'I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't. I can. And my children will."

-Jimmy Stewart

9mm sir!

9mm 9x19 - 115gr. RN-CMJ – 1,000 round case $335.00 plus shipping
Remanufactured once fired brass


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your .223 priced at, and what kind is it?

I only sell in bulk 1000 cans

Price is $550 per thousand, this is the listing:

Buyer Pays UPS ground shipping out of Montana

.223 Remington. - 55gr. FMJ – 1,000 round cases
Remanufactured. ONCE FIRED LAKE CITY BRASS $550.00

DP users get $25.00 discount per 1,000 on the .223 so $525.00

Same stuff is going for over $600 per thousand on gunbroker.com

If you are interested sooner than later, write me at coda0796@hotmail.com and I will give you the particulars on what to do. I do require color photo or scan of State ID for age verification and pre sent money order until I get the CC auth. working.

How about Paypal?


Paypal does not allow gun or ammo sales

See your email for details on that. :-)

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for the info. Looks like it's in good condition.
The panic buying is getting pretty crazy. I think I'm going with the Privi Partisan for .37/rnd and just waiting till march for the backorder to arrive.
Good luck with your business.

Those blasted Serbians

:-P At least they use brass casings instead of steel!

Thanks for looking!

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make some decent 168-175 grain match, as well as mil surp. I don't use anything steel cased unless it's coming out of an AK variant. Even that stuff is getting up there.
You know where any deals on brass, projectiles or powder can be had? (308 Win)