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Sandy Hook a hoax?




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WHY haven't we seen even *ONE* real tear?? Only ONE parent even had a tissue in her hand!!! Grace's mom smiled thru the WHOLE interview!!?? WTF?? If it was MY child I would be curled up, fetal for weeks unable to eat, bathe or feed myself much less be perfectly coiffed, makeup, smiling & acting like it's all okay, it's 'what she would've wanted' CRAP!! The man the police had PRONE & the one in the woods at the scene.  EXPLAIN THESE THINGS if you want us to believe. IT'S A SCAM!!

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Fake news is free speech

The TV News actors (or the most dangerous propaganda agents) like Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, George Stephanopoulos et al, and Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, Sally Cox, can say what they want legally, protected by the First Amendment, if they stay away from libel, or get themselves involved in a conspiracy to murder. Only their reputation will suffer if busted. So no one of the liars can be arrested.

POTUS, the cops and the coroner and so one, can technically be enrolled in a very realistic drill in cooperation with the "media". That way they can legally say what they need to say in this operation. Of course, they had no idea that media would spin it the way they have done, of course. Not sure about this, I don't know all the tricks in the book, but I expect something like this should be possible. Important to stay away from conspiracies to murder and other crimes.

What most people don't understand is that the national news networks are just as controlled as a Hollywood film studio. Both are controlled by the same club or people I fear.

And the news networks have total control on the election process, so they always get their controllable puppet in the White House, and can then get their agents in wherever they need in the Government.

And all this is mostly legal. Brilliant - isn't it?

I remember seeing an

interview with a father the day of the incident. I thought, how in the world can this guy get in front of a camera at this point in time and say anything without breaking down and weeping?

I agree, fetal position and certainly NOT wanting a camera and mic in my face. Does one really have to ask how I would be feeling at that moment?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
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Doubt it was a fake:

Jon Rappaport makes some good points in his article about how media controls each interview in order to prevent the parents from wanting to scream and cry on camera. You can read it here: http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/sandy-hook-how-...

Some good points made are:
-Many of the interviews with survivors are done on the spot, with no prep. But the biggest interviews are done in a television studio or a home, by a recognized anchor. The setting is arranged beforehand and lit well. A mood and a framework are established.

-And if the producer is skillful enough, he can gently convince the mother that she should devote four minutes of commercially sponsored national television to “a celebration” of her dead child’s life.

-The whole sequence is artificial. It’s imposed. It’s orchestrated. It’s a stage play, produced in great part through interviews with guests who have suffered loss and who are “real.”

-And when the dust settles and the mother is being chauffeured home from the interview, her mind wanders and she begins to think about the revenge she wants to visit on the killer of her daughter. As many good mothers would. But it’s too late. She’s already had her four minutes on television. She feels like a fool, but it’s too late.

I do not believe the children are alive

The truth usually lies is some portion of the bigger lie.

Here on the DP we pride ourselves on being smarter and more in tune. Let's live up to that. We should make a post, two colums, facts and speculation. Each one can be debated in the replies and the master post gets changed accordingly. Its the only way to sift through so much BS.

Few things that would help:
Any open casket funerals? Hard to hide a dead child in plain site.

A list of the families and timeline into the community: could be coincidence - could be more - many of these families shedding - well not shedding tears only moved in recently.
Getting to the bottom of the coicidental people wandering in the woods
What about the car.
What about the fact that Peter Lanza is a big tax planner at GE? Another connection to libor?

My point I guess is that there is so much BS in MSM and SOOO many weird questions - lets do our jobs and be the investigators and compile this info into one post. Update the post as valid information is provided.

I am trying to just "not believe"

and ask questions, find facts. I agree we need a list of facts, including MISSING facts - like how many friggin' bullets? You ask some fine questions, too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Children are alive

wellaware1.com < if link not hot, copy and paste. Allow an hour to see all the film clips, facebook pages for the actors and their connections........amazing! Little Emilly has even been acting on TV, her father, the one who had to get in the character before speaking was in fact doing just that. Some have been acting in other 'drill shootings. I'm so happy there are no dead children I can't be angry about the terrible hoax perpetrated or even the reason for doing so. That will probably come later.
Thanks myajace for the links, would not have found this. Good job!


That is truly interesting.

That is truly interesting. My wife still cries when she talks about the day our son was diagnosed with autism...and that was 10 years ago. But, what really happened then? Were their NO kids actually killed? Is it a real school? It shouldn't be that difficult to find out if these kids really existed. Why would all the other families NOT call bullshit. If they are "actors" how would they ever get work after this? Way more questions than answers.

Live Free or Die Trying

I think the degree to which

I think the degree to which it's possible to control/manufacture information is hard for us to wrap our brains around.

Statistically, there should have been phone pictures and all kinds of private citizen social media coming out of Sandy Hook from the very beginning.....if this was a real event, in this day and age, it'd be nearly impossible to keep a lid on all the images and stories that would hit the web instantly, right? Where are they?

Shouldn't there have been at least a couple of furious, wailing parents calling for an end to gun free zones based on this? Don't people want answers and action in the wake of these kinds of tragedies? But we have all these mellow, smiling families and parents who cry without tears or running noses....

The problem with the 100 percent fake scenario is the old problem of proving a negative. It's impossible to produce incontrovertible evidence that something *doesn't* exist...you can only keep citing the absence of evidence that ought to be present if the thing did exist.

But, as far as that goes, there is quite a list of things that aren't there and ought to be. Like tears. Like parents and families going apeshit in unpredictable ways. Like real time citizen recording and reporting in the age of smart phones and facebook. Like verifiable backgrounds and social media histories for family members and witnesses presented to us by the media.

I don't think I would want

my Facebook presented to anyone by the media if I were one of the parents. Not all the parents went on camera. Maybe some would like to be left alone.

Daniel Barden existed

He was born in Pawling, NY. His mother, Jackie is a real, grieving mother and a 2nd grade teacher at Pawling Elementary school. Daniel went to kindergarten there, but transferred to Sandy Hook when his family moved there, a short drive from Pawling. This info can easily be found in the Poughkeepsie Journal, but I know this because some of my friends are friends with Jackie Barden and they attended Daniel's wake. Their children went to kindergarten with Daniel.

Okay, but....

If you're thinking in terms of the 100 percent fake theory, someone knowing someone who knows someone doesn't rule out the possibility of the situation being controlled and the relevant information being manufactured or heavily manipulated.

Theirs does seem like the most sincere interview I've seen. I'm willing to chuck the 100 percent fake theory if verifiable random victims and other verifiable random factors come to light. As it stands, however, nothing concrete makes that theory inconceivable....And even if random factors emerge, there are still the 90 percent fake or 50 percent fake theories...just the shooter(s) and a handful of key players could be the controlled elements, and we would wind up with the same outcome as with a 100 percent fake scenario.



Perhaps your teacher friend needs a lesson in Constitutional law. They say they are "just trying to deal with the loss" but spend most of the interview pitching for gun control, even using the other kids as props to evoke sympathy for their cause. I am sorry for their loss, but they are willingly being played like a fiddle - perhaps the one in Nero's hands as America burns.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

haven' t seen this video yet

and my tablet apparently won't play youtube. Will look it up tomorrow. I was aware of the daughter's gun control letter to Obama but haven't seen or read a single interview by this family. INcidentally, although my 8- yr old has been given only limited details about the shooting, she proposed that guns should all be taken away! That's definitely not the stance in this house! I explained to her why I think that's a really bad and dangerous idea. My point being that it could very well be a child's solution, independent of the parents' views (but I haven't watched the video yet).

Thank you.

I am sure it is all too fresh right now, but I will be curious to see if she starts to have questions later, too. While they are in shock, parents want peace. Once they begin to process this, THEY will want answers.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"End the life of Adam"

It's too bad this part of the tape is so quiet and unclear...

But if this really was a staged event, you'd think that with all the detailed planning, they wouldn't say, "End the life of Adam," they'd have some other command. Like, "Execute Order 66."

The lack of tears does seems rather odd.

I Have Been More Heart Broken

over losing a goldfish than these people act over their daughter!


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my wife and i cried for two days...

when our golden retriever, rusty, was killed by a truck

i would expect to see more remorse over losing a child

maybe, that's just me? no, i think every NORMAL person would feel a LOT more remorse

"thats what she would have wanted?" no, she WANTED to LIVE, dammit!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I Lost A Beloved Cat

a year and a half ago and I am STILL grieving. These people are fakes.



What was the significance of thespians in Shakespear's Hamlet?

The bohemian club was started by actors and politicians (one in the same).

In Rome, towards it's fall, citizens were required to view so many plays per month. Propaganda scripted heavily in I'm sure.

Did anyone notice in the Batman movie, the bad, bad guy walks into a football game, interrupts a boy singing the national anthem, threatens to nuke the town...and says "we are your liberators. we want to return the city back to the people". This is not by chance, but just a very small piece of what the general population is hit with on a daily basis here. Subliminally, if they hear liberty and power to the people, their mind associates it with what they saw in the movie. I had to turn off the avengers movie when loki was being mean and captain america jumped in.....it was just a little too much with all the threat to freedom....etc....I heard that the government made a deal with Marvel comics a while back....looks like it! lol

Another good example of the tricks played by the state run media is after the election when talking to Paul on the phone; the video on the screen shows paul in an ill fitting suit, being introduced to a classroom of children. Then goes to the glam shots of romney and obama in front of huge crowds. And you wonder why people think what they do of him? Brainwashed...lol The news knows perfectly well that Ron was drawing much, much bigger crowds than the other candidates everywhere he spoke.

And it goes on from there, it's 24 hours a day in diabolical ways across all forms of publication. No kidding, they have spent a century monopolizing information outlets and studying the psycology behind the inluence that can be achieved.

I remember back when, wondering why yahoo was bought for 11 billion. At the time, I was thinking...I could have made that...it wasn't all that much back then...but...millions were going there on the internet. Now look at yahoo....pure propaganda, in line with the rest of them. The money gained isn't from the advertising profits....it's the control of information, which allows the organized crime behind all this to influence elections, flat out lie and cover up.....whatever they want really.

We might think about working through our local FCC, and showing up to vote in new news stations....but at the very least, need to get people to see the brainwash box for what it is, and stop looking at it!!!

Oh, and one more thing....we can probably expect a staged "cyber attack" from those who took over our government and media. Then there will be the excuse to have to give government control of the internet...to "keep us all safe from bad guys". Their problem, reacton, solution scam is getting old.

Very excellent post.



Yep, it is another staged event. This one pretty obvious. Maybe it will wake many new people up. Hard to deny the acting, the discrepencies, the lack of any real evidence shown.

There will be those who refuse to believe it. That's a problem.

This event was done specifically (in conjunction with other recent staged events), to warrant a psychological and legal attack on our second amendment.

The "news" is the most powerful weapon on earth. Until the mighty brainwashing box is ignored by all, there will be those who cannot believe they are being lied to in such a big way....and they don't even know the half of it....the psychological study that goes into production of the modern "media"...all for pure manipulation. It sucks.

I hope it's not and children are alive

As anyone would, I pray it is a hoax, the children were not killed. It is the idea, the horrible thought of those children dying that prompts me to want to find out. Since looking into this, have found a lot of key players are new [within 2 years] to the area. Would like to know how to find out the length of time the parents of the children they say are dead have lived there. If in truth it was a set up, doubt if anyone could approach long established families in the town with the act of a mock killed child scenario and have them accept. Even with the children being spirited off to another location and the parents getting a hefty sum of money, joining their children later is.... completely unbelievable.
It would have to be that the entire cast is fake, prepped for the outcome with a year [at least] of staging and preparation in the community.
What's the whole story on the Sheriff? Read he was arrested for drug [Meth] and sex with minors to remain quiet. Was arrested a couple of years ago, court, found guilty YET, never went to jail. Is he 'owned 'now? Nothing was said about it again that I've seen. Won't go into the others but as I said, several key players are new, within past two years. The town seems to be a bit on the shady side. Players were cast in their roles. Some are almost comical, pathetically inept actually. The parents without true emotion. Have never seen anyone lose a child and not have bloodshot eyes even when not crying, much less while making the noises of uncontrolled crying.........with completely dry, clear white eyes.
If some did in fact lose their child that day, for I wouldn't put murder past TPTB, you have my sincere sympathy. I know and feel your loss.
Did at least some/one of the parents ever see their children afterward? Ever? If none, hard to believe they would accept that. Anyone know?


In . answer to your last question -

because it seems like you are being genuine - Yes, but no one is listening.


I have not seen a single witness or parent say they saw bodies.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I suppose

I suppose there may be some medication they may have taken that lessens the impact of physiological trauma on their long-term physiological well being.

DNA testing to verify if they were the real parents,

To much funny business and too much hype is suspicious.

Free includes debt-free!


Don't think that the scriptwriters in these plays have regard for loss of life whether it be man, woman or child. But is often the case, Hard to say what really happened, but can recognize lying.

20 Minute Response Time

When the police station with 47 officers on payroll was just 2 miles away, a five minute drive according to Mapquest. I think you could run to the school faster than 20 minutes, sheesh.

Yet another anomoly that when you pan out shows a much more fragmented picture.

Press releases are not evidence. Because the perpatrator is dead there will conveniently be no trial to bring the evidence before the public. School shootings have proceeded many of the gun grabs all over the world.

With the knowledge of such happenings as the Franklin Coverup and Dyncorp kid-snatching, and the charred children of Waco, we know that there are people in high levels of power who will think nothing of murdering children for their own ends.

You've Halped Answer Bob Costas's Question

Why would anyone need military-grade arms? Think of Waco and don't discount how oppressive government can be.

(Plus as someone else pointed out, rights are not predicated on what one "needs." Strictly speaking, one doesn't "need" the right of free speech or the right of privacy.)

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

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This is how you do it D-503

nice find, a 20 minutes is suspicious, especially if he shot his way in as reported.

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