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Feinstein Walks Out On Reporter

ABC interview with Senator Feinstein presents another empty chair event! Senator Feinstein walks out after reporter mentions LA Times report, she should debate Emken and that California voters want to hear both sides. Senator Feinstein then walks off the set, leaving a empty chair lol.


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where have we seen the no

where have we seen the no debate scam before.... oh! In Rick Perry!

Southern Agrarian

Emken was fortunate Feinstein didn't debate her

Or maybe I should say, the CA GOP was LUCKY Feinstein didn't debate Emken. I give Emken credit for actually campaigning in places in CA, like here in Nor CAl.. where so few come to campaign but really should because Mendocino has more registered voted per capita than any county in CA.

Here was Emkens platform:

"I am not Diane Feinstein".
"Feinstein won't debate me".

That's it.

I asked her about what she would do for our county and her answer was:

"I am not Diane Feinstein".

She must have said "Feinstein" 240 times.

So what really bothered me most about Emken was the GOP. I wondered, "Is this the best the GOP hs to offer to go upagaint Queen Feinstein?" They have to be kidding, or protecting Feinstein..

I think it's the latter.

Wow, probably just another

Wow, probably just another puppet like Diane. You see they dont have solutions, they just try to give us the illusion that there fighters! pleaseeeeee

juan maldonado

I think "I am not Dianne

I think "I am not Dianne Feinstein" is an adequate campaign platform. But that's just me.

You would think that "I am

You would think that "I am not them" would get the votes but people still vote for them.

I think its rigged!!! but

I think its rigged!!! but then you have people like jesse ventura get elected, so I have no clue man!

juan maldonado

I voted for Jesse! Great

I voted for Jesse! Great moment! But they ridiculed him and his family his entire time in office.

Feinstein was 7 million ahead in $ and votes

It was not adequate.

"Would you protect our 1st admendment rights?"

I am not Feinstein.

Would you protect the 2nd Amendment?"

I am not Feinstein.

What is your vision for CA?"

I am not Diane Feinstein.

I even told her,, "I realize you are not Diane Feinstein. What can you do for our county?"

Emken's response.. Feinstein won't debate me.

I believe you are in a very slim majority saying it was adequate. To me.. she made sure Feinstein won. I contributed to Emken's campaign and I voted for her.. it was a protest against Feinstein.. but in truth.. I have no doubt we are better off with Feinstein.. shudder.. chills saying that.. but Emken was no real candidate.

Its like Obama and Romney, it

Its like Obama and Romney, it doesn't matter who wins.

juan maldonado

Granger, as usual you don't

Granger, as usual you don't get it.

I think I saw ONE post from you that I agreed with but you are so far gone that I could not commend you on it. In any case, it was a joke. I am on the DP every day. I do my own research constantly. Do you really think that I think that all you need is "I am not Feinstein?" It was a joke, Hon. But I will say that it wold take very little for someone like me to vote for anyone but Feinstein.


Who exactly, votes for people like that...

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


Diversity does!


who votes for a rockefeller,

who votes for a rockefeller, a bush, a clinton?

what is wrong with people?


They're lazy

and they don't care. They have more "important things to worry about than politicians."

My parents, for example, claim they are Democrats because "that's how they grew up." They love "Kennedy and Clinton." Clinton "helped the economy." *sigh*

Being a Veteran, I can't tell you how frustrating it is not to try and push my parents to research the people they are voting for. They just won't do it and it doesn't make any sense.

I feel like most Americans voting today are like my parents.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


Mine were lifelong Democrats, but, Ron Paul had their vote if he got on the ballot. They just did not vote.

That youngster of a reporter

better watch his p's and q's. Now which way to the bathroom? Nature calls...

don't confuse

Slithering with walking.

Why is there no recall going on?



juan maldonado

This video clip

just goes to show true American values and seeing a Free Republic at work with transparent, open and free elections of the best country on earth. I love this place.

"Freedom is Popular"

I heard she's worth close to

I heard she's worth close to 100 million dollars! How is that even possible guys!? She was only worth a couple thousand when she began.

juan maldonado

Considering who her husband is

Bechtel is bigger and meaner than Haliburton and her husband was a big part or still is on board.. they have connections.. and, many figured after the White-Milk tragedy, crossing Feinstein can be lethal.

What did you mean when you

What did you mean when you said,that after the tragedy crossing Feinstein could be leathal? why? you think she had apart in it?

juan maldonado

SF has a long history of corrupt politicians

I believe luck is manufactored.

is there a US city similar in size with a long history

of honest politicians? :-)

Salt Lake City

Utah.. is my understanding of the most honest US city.


I didnt know! i just moved out here(bakersfield,Ca), from New York, which is just as corrupt in my opinion. Anyway I have an idea, im going to take my camera to a couple of police precincts and ask them to join the fight for liberty and to educate the public about arming themselves. I cant wait to see there faces lol! im not going to joke around though, im dead serious! maybe if I break down the consititution for them, they'll understand. Maybe.

juan maldonado

I wouldn't

You have some homework to do.. there is a war going on between the police and sheriff in Kern County http://www.bakersfieldnow.com/news/local/Sheriffs-estranged-...

You're home to the biggest WalMart distributer in the USA.. Kern County is very corrupt on many levels because of it's location.. you're hours from LA and SF, the heart of Methland.

On one hand, you are in one of the best spots in CA.. I happen to love Bakersfeild.. Haliburton is there.. you've got tons of opportunity and many people seeking to profit.. so if I were you, I would attend meetings and events.. study who is who.. find some like minded friends, and together maybe go to this http://www.bakersfieldteaparty.com/

Now.. Just off the North NWY 99 Exit from HWY 5 is a little deep pit bbq.. it's on the South East corner.. across from Jack in the Box.. check it out.. Central CA used to be DEEP PIT BBQ world.. and then the food laws outlawed deep pit saying it was not HACCP certifiable. Well the chef who opend that little BBQ place went to school.. adapted the HACCP so he could bring back deep pit.. you will find deep pit packages ready to cook in the meat section of most stores in your area.. Pappy's seasoning is from deep pit days.. the deep pit salad with blue cheese is awesome. And it's orange season.. nothing like driving through those orange fields.. except taking a bottle of vodka and having fresh orange juice with it on a pic nic.. but watch out for the bees... Bakersfeild is bee heaven.. and then their's Oildale.. a little hell on earth.. but good jobs, good money.. you;ve got trains.. Bakersfeild has a lot going for it.

Wow, you know alot about my

Wow, you know alot about my area! lol. Yeah I think im going to apply for the oilfields down in Oildale, the pay is really good! but you know what I've noticed? if you dont work on the Oilfields out here, it's really hard to make money. You now I lived in Detroit and Buffalo and both those citites have the highest unemployment in the nation. Now im out here,lol. Anyway that BBQ place sounds good man, i'll check it out some time. Do you know I call Bakersfield Meth City? lol,so many meth heads out here man! Is Haliburton really here? Wtf, you're right, I have alot of homework to do. Anyway thanks for the adviced Granger...

juan maldonado

White-Milk tragedy? what was

White-Milk tragedy? what was that?

juan maldonado