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Feinstein Walks Out On Reporter

ABC interview with Senator Feinstein presents another empty chair event! Senator Feinstein walks out after reporter mentions LA Times report, she should debate Emken and that California voters want to hear both sides. Senator Feinstein then walks off the set, leaving a empty chair lol.


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Wow thats is incredible. I

Wow thats is incredible. I remember watching the movie Milk with Sean Penn, so this is what resulted from them dying? Diane Feinstein? they probably would of been as corrupt, idk what do you guys think? anyway something smells fishy, do ya'll think she had something to do with it? the guy only got two years for killing 2 ppl man! how sad...

juan maldonado

Yup, but noone remembers the

Yup, but noone remembers the Milk thing anymore.

I do.

I do.

Jew.. I Mean "gee"... I

Jew.. I Mean "gee"... I wonder.

lol, as you've noticed you've

lol, as you've noticed you've been downvoted! not by me though, but once you start blaming a certain group of ppl, thats what's going to happen! have you ever read Animal Farm? we all can become the "jew"(no offense), if there were all black ppl on earth, guess what? there would be evil black ppl! you see it doesnt matter what race or religion you are, its all about power man! i always give the example of slavery, who gave the black ppl to the europeans? other black ppl! so stop this divide and conquer,because we're all in trouble.

juan maldonado

i like how the israeli

i like how the israeli settlers kick the palestinians out of their homes in the west bank and say, "But we were here 2,000 years ago, this land doesn't belong to them."


No it is wrong man! but it's

No it is wrong man! but it's none of our business, we need to worry about ourselves first! trust me if we bring down the Fed, Israel is probably gonna go with it, so dont worry. I saw a video with Jordan Maxwell and it woke me up even more! I mean he talked about the Bible and how its really just Eygptian mythology and jesus is really a metaphore for the sun( son of god), anyway i put 2 and 2 together and realized the bible is fake and now ppl are using it to separate us. look how Christians look at gay ppl, all the bible is is a book to keep us fighting among eachother. Thats why you have groups like the Hebrew Israelites(who are very intelligent), but they believe that black ppl are the chosen ppl of god and all white ppl are going to go to hell for all the sins they've committed on black ppl. So I say fight for freedom for all americans and dont stop, because if we win, everybody wins!

juan maldonado

Re: Fed/Israel

"if we bring down the Fed, Israel is probably gonna go with"

I'm not too sure about that, but have you ever heard of the Samson Option? Israel has made it clear in the past that they will not go quietly should we "turn" on them.

Maybe it's just a bluff, but given all that's happened, I wouldn't rule it out.

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And you shouldn't, but what

And you shouldn't, but what government is just gonna let go of all there power? you think the U.S government is going to roll over and let freedom ring? hell no! it will be a fight to the end man!

juan maldonado

Samson Option is far worse

than a government simply refusing to let go of their power.

The Samson Option, in short, is a plan for Israel to unleash their entire nuclear arsenal at Europe/US should we ever stop "supporting" them.

Given Israel's secretive nature in regards to their nuclear arsenal, nobody except for those "in the know" could say for certain, naturally.

I don't normally link to wikipedia, but it's a start anyway.

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Thats suicide man! it wont

Thats suicide man! it wont happen, we have nukes 2.

juan maldonado


'we' don't have them, the ruling class does. Also remember that many political figures here openly support Israel over the United States.

Of course it's suicide, but that's the point. It's supposed to be a last resort tactic, basically it's an "I'm going down and I'm taking you with me!" deal.

Like I say, I have no idea whether it'd really happen or not, it's just something I keep in the back of my mind when people bring up all this SHTF stuff. Personally I'm not too concerned about it, but I figured I'd bring it up since nobody here seems to talk about it.

That said, it's not as if ICBMs can't be disabled or shot down.

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Hey anything is possible,

Hey anything is possible, right?

juan maldonado

Yep, for better or worse!


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It's also funny that you

It's also funny that you think of the Jews as having a religion. I would not discriminate against them for believing in god or worshipping said deity in any way they see fit. Until you understand their ways you will never understand the real fight nor the real problem. I won't do your work for you. You can research it all for yourself and believe what you want. I would never attack all jews as a people as I know just as you said not everyone is involved; however, just because they are not all involved does not mean that it is not made up of them completely. I'm sorry, 2% of a population does not control 80% of the economy and 25% of the government (and that's just the members) without something going on. You can say they stick together all you want and perhaps you are correct but then if it were WASPs that were acting in such a way it would be all over the news as some sort of conspiracy against minorities and it would go to court. So I suspect you are ignorant if you are down voting but again I could give 2 squirts of piss whether you down vote. In the end you are only helping to destroy yourself and your nation.

True...but at the same time

there are certain behaviors that are associated with certain groups for a reason; observation. It's not as if stereotypes were all drawn out of a big hat one day, though I have to wonder how some of them came to be (like the one about all Blacks liking orange soda, for example).

I agree that demonizing an entire group of people isn't the best way to go, it can even be dangerous, BUT when the overwhelming majority of a given group acts a certain way, then a bias toward ALL in that group is going to come with the territory. It's not so much a divide and conquer thing as it is a natural consequence of putting each other into groups (we as humans tend to put EVERYTHING in groups/patterns, it cannot be helped to a certain extent).

Doesn't matter if we're talking Jews or blacks or Republicans or Martians; people will ALWAYS notice certain common behaviors among the majority of a group's members.

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as my post above says, it's

as my post above says, it's not that they are jews or that they stick together. It's that they stick together at the detriment of everyone else and would decry racism if a WASP were to act in the same way. Jews created communism to destroy the western world and they are hell bent on you being their slaves. I've read the Talmud and I know this to be the truth. Again, I'm sure there are many jews who do not believe in this way but there is a large group that does and they are the enemy. I am not against any religion or race simply because of who they are. I am a nationalist. I believe in America, not Israel, not Mexico, not any country in Europe. If you are an American then you are an American. You put America and its people first or you are a traitor. Jews have put nothing first except for money and Israel. Therefore they do not belong. If this sounds like National Socialism you are right. It's close anyway, except I accept all races so long as they pledge loyalty to our nation.

I get what you're saying

It's just the way you said it at first that probably bothered some folks, as if you were accusing *all* Jews. I wasn't trying to lecture you or paint you as some sort of hate-monger or anything like that, sorry if it came off that way.

Although I don't consider myself a nationalist, I can certainly agree with identifying each other simply as "Americans".

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Whats a nationalist? Is that

Whats a nationalist? Is that the same as Zionism? sorry I dont know.

juan maldonado

They're different

but defining either is fairly difficult, since there are many kinds of Nationalism and Zionism.

Nationalism tends to be more about "putting country first" than anything else, although sometimes it can refer to preserving native ethnicity, culture, and/or language.

Zionism, more or less, is the belief in an all-Jewish state/homeland. The word gets tossed around a lot, and can refer to several different schools of thought, so it's a bit more complicated. Some people believe that Zionism is a code word for "Jewish Supremacy" as well.

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Yeah, I get that. However, it

Yeah, I get that. However, it is hard sometimes to separate them. Therein lies the difficulty. That still does not negate the fact the problems are jewish... again, not all of them and not because of their religion.

Jews have destroyed this

Jews have destroyed this country just like they have every country that has accepted them. Until you are ready to accept this realization you will never ever escape the chains that bind you.

Yeah my next door neighbor is

Yeah my next door neighbor is Palestinian and he was the one that taught me about Israel and Zionism, he told me every country that the jews lived in, they were always expelled! there like Nomads, they have no land. All I now is that the prime minister will end up probably like Benito Mussolini! what goes around comes around! and I dont believe in the death penalty, but when you oppress your own ppl, all bets are off! people act like animals, because that's how they've been treated.

juan maldonado

It doesn't matter unless you

It doesn't matter unless you are a communist jew. I care two shits about down votes.