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Regarding Rand Paul's visit to Israel - A "What if?"question/thought for you folks

What if the heir of Ron Paul (the thorn in TPTB's side) Rand, who is against foreign aid, gets taken out by a terrorist/suicide-bomber/CIA? A false flag that would put the nail in the coffin to the arguments of WHOM to support and WHY, beat more war drums to the tune that the White House respond to this attack on a U.S. Senator, and effectively removing possibly the best Libertarian(R) threat to the White House for 2016.

This scenario could also be played by a "crazed/lone" gunman here in the states while trying to effectively put more squeeze on gun control as its agenda. Again, multiple PTB's problems eased.

Without getting into the Pro's & Con's of Rand Paul, and whether you like or dislike him for whatever reasons you may have, - Instead I would like your thoughts on the scenario and how you think it would play out.

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