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2A-attack has officially started

The first official attack on the 2nd amendment has started :


In some way this could be even more dangerous than Feinstein bill as it actually has a chance of passing (due to the fact that it doesn't try to do anything else other than ban over 10 rounds, and it may seem as not a big deal to pro-gun congressmen to be fighting about). Contact your representative ASAP and express your opposition to this bill.

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There are some excellent comments on that article

As usual, the comments section is far more educational than the article when it's overrun by people who love liberty.

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You should edit the title vman

to be clearer. I would have skipped over this thinking it was some part of the agenda 21 conspiracy or something. "2A" doesn't mean much to some people. I only glanced at it because I have to.

UN Agenda 21 conspiracy?

Conspiracy? Really?



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I gotta agree that people get

I gotta agree that people get a little too carried away with these acronyms. I had to look up what SCOTUS means.

What do you mean by the 'agenda 21 conspiracy'?

Agenda 21 is a fact

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