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The Solution?

Would we be able to prove the unsustainability of big government by standing with the "left" in support of a law that limits the amount of "money" banks could lend out (I assume they are not happy that banks make so much "money" and would like to screw with them. If not, they would be losing the argument where they pose to be against "big money"). If banks were limited by law to only be able to lend out at maximum, the amount of deposits, we would collectively be sticking it to the banks.

Would a law like this not get over 90% support in all political spectrums?

Would politicians be forced to implement this rule with so much popular support?

Would this measure expose how big government survives mostly off the creation of paper money while devaluing the little money that those who are trying to move up the wealth ladder try to save?


I know that normally we would not stand with this idea, but my question is, can we use the ignorance of their ideology against its self by using the law to limit the amount credit big government gets to keep growing? (I know gold and silver would have that result..)

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