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Louie Giglio Passion 2013: Giving $ to Unions?

This post is focused on Christian ministries. Personally, I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but that is not a requirement to contribute to this discussion.

I first heard about Louie Giglio's Passion ministry in early 2012 when some of my friends began talking about giving money to various organizations in an effort to end slavery around the world. The ministry focuses on many different types of slavery, but they focus especially on sex trafficking.

Upon hearing of this ministry, I immediately started doing research on the organizations they were giving money to.

The main problem that I had was when I found some of the organizations supported through the ministry were supporting union organizations in other parts of the world who saw slavery as any situation where there existed child labor, unfair wages, or inadequate vacation days. In addition to this flawed view of slavery, they were also supporting legislation in our Congress that would use our tax dollars to fight this "slavery" around the world and would pay to improve prison conditions in other countries. I believe the organization that was involved in this was International Justice Mission, but I am not sure.

I found that International Justice Mission was a member of a larger group called ATEST (Alliance To End Slavery and Trafficking). ATEST has roughly a dozen members, which include some union organizations such as Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Interestingly, ATEST was a project of a larger organization called Humanity United. Humanity United was funded in part by George Soros's Open Society.

Somewhere in the research of these organizations I found that union leaders such as Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO)was advocating legislation to end global "slavery," which would be alleviated by unionizing other countries. Again, I can't find this research, and I would like feedback from DP readers.

I don't know Louie Giglio or John Piper personally, but I like their sermons. I frequently listen to John Piper because I like his sermons so much. I want to like these guys, but I don't want them to mislead people. In fact, they could have been misled, themselves.

I welcome feedback. Please comment with links and references!

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