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Rare San Francisco River Otter Stumps Researchers

Rare San Francisco River Otter Stumps Researchers

He's doing what he otter...

By JASON DEAREN Associated Press
SAN FRANCISCO January 3, 2013 (AP)

A rapt crowd followed a trail of bubbles that zipped over the surface of a seaside pond in the ruins of a 19th century bath in San Francisco.

San Francisco's newest star — the first river otter seen in the city in decades — surfaced its whiskery head furtively, a mouth full of sea grass. The crowd oohed as large waves pounded rocks just offshore, a briny smell and chill in the air.

The otter ducked back under water and took the sea grass underneath a concrete remnant of the historic baths, where the animal was building a nest.

"We came here to see the baths and this was just a bonus," said Eliza Durkin, who brought her son Jonathan to the site for a school project on historic places.

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He will thrive until the Fukushima radiation gets him.

Just when their water quality is improving, along comes another poison.

Doubtful. Wildlife is thriving around Chernobyl

Birds are actually nesting in the sarcophagus covering the Chernobyl reactor.

Please stop repeating Alex Jones' fear-mongering.