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Ted Cruz Sworn In; Will Introduce Bill to Repeal Obama Care

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Tea party darling Ted Cruz has been sworn in as U.S. senator and says his first order of business will be introducing a bill he knows will never pass.

Cruz is a Cuban-American and former state solicitor general. On Thursday, he became the first Hispanic to represent Texas in the Senate.

He has pledged that his first bill would seek to repeal “every syllable of every word” of the Obama administration’s health care reform law.

More: http://houston.cbslocal.com/2013/01/03/cruz-sworn-in-as-texa...

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Appreciate the sentiment Ted,

Appreciate the sentiment Ted, but my GOD! If we can't even get the Audit the Fed Bill considered for a vote what chance does this have?

At least pro amnesty KB Hutchison is gone for good. Good riddance.

Southern Agrarian