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Grotesque Propaganda on Cop Dramas

I don't have a TV anymore, and am a little out of touch, so this may not be as shocking to some...
but I just witnessed some MAJOR propaganda/psyops baked into a show called Criminal Minds.

I mean, OK, all these shows are a meta-psyop to begin with, enforcing the "cops/government=benevolent/heroic/super-competent protectors" myth.

But within that...:

The FBI wanted to get a source from a journalist.
The journalist objected "No way, I know my rights!"
The agent grabs him, start putting on the cuffs, and when he objects further the Feds reply "I hope you understand, we consider these killings acts of terrorism, and under the Patriot Act, we can arrest you and detain you for as long as we like."
The journalist caves, which implicitly (not actually, if you think about it, which essentially no one does of course...) helps solve the case - a win for the good guys. Hurray.

I got chills, at how in one fell swoop they demonized the act of standing on one's rights and the protection of journalistic sources, while whitewashing the Government's draconian, traitorous, police-state tactics+laws.

I'd like to use this thread to catalogue moments like that from all over mass "entertainment."

Anyone else care to contribute?

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Also courtesy

of Criminal Minds. There's an episode involving a group that is a painfully obvious strawman of the Minuteman organization. Our "hero" is talking with the leader of said organization, and asks him about the number of guns possessed by his group's members.

Guy responds, "We're just exercising our right to bear arms."
"Hero" replies: "There are 450 guns for 200 members. That's just paranoid."

NO, idiot hero, that's about two guns per person. That's completely normal, and is three less than I would advise. The anti-gun propaganda on Criminal Minds is pretty blatant.

And any show that promotes

liberty/Constitution is pulled off the air. I wonder why they allow the show in the first place...perhaps to send a message that such "truth" will not be tolerated. Dunno.

Harry's Law was one of those shows...the episode called "American Girl" was particularly good.

TV is definately a propaganda tool...and because the population is becoming more and more atrophied in their rational thinking abilities, it is easier for the propaganda to take hold.

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'baked into' ...

... Kake.


In the kitsch'n.

Don't get mad..

Get even, switch it off, email them your opinion, email their sponsors and boycott their products as long as they support such un-constitutional trash..tell them so.

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Law & Order

was another cop show that used to push all sorts of garbage, too. A lot of the episodes would have a character say "he isn't dangerous, he doesn't even own a gun!", or otherwise paint gun owners as either criminals, rapists, or paranoid lunatics (except the cops, of course).

Most cop shows tend to be like that, and I think they paint guns as "dangerous" because in TV land, dangerous = sexy, which = ratings. They show heads being blown off and whatnot, then turn around and preach that violence is bad and that people shouldn't own guns. Whether this is anti-gun propaganda, pro-cop propaganda, or just a cheap way to shut the "concerned mother" watchdogs up isn't relevant to me, because in any case it's not something I'm interested in listening to anymore.

'Simpsons' creator Matt Groening is famously anti-gun, but the show itself tries to strike a balance between the anti and pro-gun crowd, leaving it with something along the lines of "people should own guns...unless they're as stupid as Homer Simpson." I point this out because it's a rare example of a show, a cartoon no less, that has explored both sides of the gun argument.

All that said, I don't care who puts what on TV. If I don't like it, I don't watch it.

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Remember all those shows like

Remember all those shows like COPS ? I always thought it was mind blowing that they glorified busting down peoples doors and ripping families apart for a joint or pot seed. Everyone else seemed to think it was normal and amusement. I thought it was so obviously a war on human rights. I think those shows were just preparing us for the police state we are in or headed in. I guess we are at the next stage now with the whole t'rism is the excuse for every new injustice they inflict on the people. What a crock.

When Fox...

Aired Paul being boo'd when he won the straw poll, when he was actually cheered loudly? They were caught for that, and said ooops, mixed up the footage...

Or fox leaving Paul off the list completely when he took a very, very close second in the Iowa strawpoll?

Or just the fact that the "news" doesn't air things such as banker lawsuits...or even much info about our debt problem, the fed...any of that...willful omission (lying).

The media is the most powerful weapon ever. It is psychological warfare to convince a population that they are under threat of bad, bad guys and the government must make some new laws to protect you! Sounds plausible I guess, nevermind those new laws take away your freedom and undermine your very nation. The "news" will be there to tell you it's ok..then steer you to some good entertainment!

It is what hillary called "the information war". They gotta keep us convinced that obomb'ya got boogeyman bin ladin. Now they gotta convince us guns are bad...it goes on and on. Have to make people aware of it, but it can be very convoluted to explain, and sometimes take evidence after convincing evidence to open someone's eyes. U gotta remember that most have undergone years and years of brainwashing, it's actually very uncomfortable of them to accept information which conflicts with their belief system and comfort, People even get senseless and emotional (like that guy on hannity..lol)

BTW, on Hannity, I'm not trusting him. His ratings took a huge dive, now he's being nice to Rand and going all pro gun. Might just be to get some viewers back. Fox as a whole will play their role in pushing gun legislation even it's via being the losing side of a structured argument.

Actually, the show I find most offensive is "Blue Bloods".

The family of cops is the most unrealistic whitewash of family since "The Waltons". Does anyone actually believe one family could have TWO NYPD Commissioners and neither be less than perfect? Then we find out how callously the producers of the show treated Jennifer Esposito, who was suspended for the "crime" of having celiac disease rather than letting her go on medical leave.

Given the extreme threats by federal and state law enforcement to "lose" people in secret prisons, I am surprised the number of law enforcement killed in the line of duty has risen ONLY 14% since 2011.
We were warned about this stuff 25 years ago in "Brazil" and "Max Headroom" and even more clearly in "Face Off". Is it any wonder movies and TV about vigilantes are becoming increasingly popular?

That show is scary in its

That show is scary in its ideals. The idea is that catching maniacs before they hurt anyone else is the most important thing ever - and we're talking about one or two victims at a time here, not the threat of bombing stadiums full of people - and that innocent citizens have no right to privacy or freedom when there is a criminal out there to be caught.

I've been weening myself off these kinds of shows

My biggest gripe is the intentionally scripted disregard towards the rule of law. These perceived good guys break every rule in the book. So many of the criminals get killed, these injustices are never exposed at trial. I am becoming more aware of propaganda these days so I just say No. If I had to chose one show that doesn't totally turn me off it would be The Mentalist.

On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.

Good Post

I guess the networks are part psy-ops and part "giving the public what they want" (assuming the ratings are good enough to keep it on the air). In any case, you nailed it with:

"I got chills, at how in one fell swoop they demonized the act of standing on one's rights and the protection of journalistic sources, while whitewashing the Government's draconian, traitorous, police-state tactics+laws."