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It's time for the governors to step up and protect the 2nd amendment rights of their citizens.

It is the duty of a governor to protect the rights of the citizens of their state. If a governor knows that a majority of their states population believes in the 2nd amendment and does not want to be disarmed or have their rifles taken away then it is their duty to implement a plan to protect those rights when there is an obvious threat. Each governor should recommend legislation to immediately stop all state law enforcement personnel from assisting federal agents in any way and to create a 2nd amendment emergency response system. The state could hire at least 1000 or as many as 10000 people per county whose duty would be to respond to any threat to the 2nd amendment from any enemies foreign or domestic. The most qualified individuals such as veterans could be hired right away and felons and insane individuals would be weeded out during the job interview process. The pay for each person could be a defense rifle and 200 rounds of ammo. Each taxpayer could have the option to send up to 100 dollars of their tax return to the defense fund and fundraisers could be held at the county level to get things started. The mere presence of such a force would be a deterrent to confiscation of arms just like our nukes are a deterrent to attack by another nation. I don't think our congress would pass any laws to confiscate weapons if they were 100% sure that the result would be civil war.

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Did someone in Idaho read my

Did someone in Idaho read my post last year?

This is seriously our ONLY democratic defense

against tyranny in this country. I sincerely do not believe Obama and his goons have the guts to send troops into rebellious states and provoke an altercation in this political climate. It's time for our state legislators and governors to stand up and nullify unconstitutional laws.

I have read about such laws

I have read about such laws being introduced last week but there is a big difference between being introduced and being passed.

Isn't this what the Indiana Guard Reserve is for?

Screw the National Guard!


A real state militia (but not the only state/local militia) commanded by the governor, not the president.

Modern firearms give every individual more firepower than an entire army in 1812.

600,000 hunting licences issued in Wisconsin... THE EIGTH LARGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD... and its just one state.


my concern with any group

my concern with any group called a state militia is article 2 section 2 of the constitution which gives the president the authority to command the state militias when they are called into service. I also think it would be best if the sole mission of the members was to protect the 2nd amendment.

maybe we should contact our

maybe we should contact our state representatives and demand a plan to protect our 2nd amendment rights

Jerry Brown?

Fat chance.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

if your in California you

if your in California you have already lost the battle

An approach is to, interview

An approach is to, interview them professionally.

Congress and governors will be very hard to get. State will be much easier. Local poltiicians, police, and sheriff, will be the easiest.

Interviews do not have to be video, audio would be fine. YouTube channel and we would be up and going.

I realize that the chances of

I realize that the chances of any governors acting on my plan is slim to none. I was just hoping that they could brainstorm and come up with some kind of a pro active response. If anyone has any good ideas I would like to hear them.

anybody there?

anybody there?

Red States, Blue States

Well, The Republician/Libertarian states would back just an idea, but the liberal states wouldn't. If it came to doing such action for each states, what would stop them from doing the same for other politically charged issues. I do think states will come up with some plan of their own very soon! I see people eventually moving to different states based on certain views!! I'm sure we will see the day soon enough!

If new York and Illinois are

If new York and Illinois are successful in their efforts to ban almost all guns I expect many people sill move to another state and take their guns with them. I know I would.

These govenors must be very afraid of their own people!

I wonder why? The gun free zones have the highest homicides because the criminals know the people cannot protect themselves.

Only the good guys give up their guns. The criminals and psyop guys keep their guns...and will be free to do as they please.

Thomas Jefferson was a good

Thomas Jefferson was a good guy and I guarantee he would not have given up his gun. A free man can own a gun and a slave can not.

I would support the idea, but

I would support the idea, but I believe just getting more passionate about writing Congressman about any anti gun bills that you vote for will lose a vote, plus countless others as there will be an all out campaign to make sure they lose as many votes as possible, some voters have the money to lauch such attacks and people with above average determination would be a help to ending their terms. Imagine if everyone wrote with such passion? I'm sure every "conservative" state population is writing aggressive letters now, I hope that wakes them up and realize what a foolish mistake that would be to vote that way!

I have already contacted both

I have already contacted both my senators and my congressman and told them they will lose my vote if they vote for any gun control bills.