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Ruling on Drug Companies trying to wipe out generic makers

I dont know how can a case be even registered to tell people that they cant make cheap drugs. Out of all the things that they want to profit from, why would companies not leave the health related stuff at least!!!

"The case — involving Swiss drug maker Novartis AG’s cancer drug Glivec — pits aid groups that argue India plays a vital role as the pharmacy to the poor against drug companies that insist they need strong patents to make drug development profitable. A ruling by India’s Supreme Court is expected in early 2013.

Bayer was selling the drug for about $5,600 a month. Natco, the Indian company, said its generic version would cost $175 a month, less than 1/30th as much. Natco was ordered to pay 6 percent in royalties to Bayer.

Read more: http://world.time.com/2013/01/04/indian-court-to-rule-on-gen...

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