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Propylene Glycol; prescribed by my Ophthalmologist

So I had a full eye exam yesterday including the dialation of my pupils. My vision had actually improved over the last 2-3 years which I can confidently attribute to my change in diet (Vegan) since two years ago and the products I consume. I went from 20/40 vision and wearing nighttime glasses and reading glasses to 20/20 or better with no prescription for any glasses or contacts or reading glasses. However, due to some dry eye issues I have dealt with for years, my Ophthalmologist recommended I use Systane, which includes as it's active ingredient Propylene Glycol @ roughly 6% (if I recall correctly).

Please check out the link I've provided for the Material Safety Data Sheet concerning Propylene Glycol and the direct information below regarding its other toxic effects on humans...I think I'll pass Doc!
This is just another example of our Healthcare system needing to be renamed Sickcare!

Special Remarks on other Toxic Effects on Humans:
Acute Potential Health Effects: Skin: May cause mild skin irritation. It may be absorbed through the skin and cause systemic
effects similar to those of ingestion. Eyes: May cause mild eye irritation with some immediate, transitory stinging, lacrimation,
blepharospasm, and mild transient conjunctival hyperemia. There is no residual discomfort or injury once it is washed
away. Inhalation: May cause respiratory tract irritation. Ingestion: It may cause gastrointestinal tract irritation. It may affect
behavior/central nervous system(CNS depression, general anesthetic, convulsions, seizures, somnolence, stupor, muscle
contraction or spasticity, coma), brain (changes in surface EEG), metabolism, blood (intravascular hemolysis, white blood
cells - decreased neutrophil function), respiration (respiratory stimulation, chronic pulmonary edema, cyanosis), cardiovascular
system(hypotension, bradycardia, arrhythmias, cardiac arrest), endocrine system (hypoglycemia), urinary system (kidneys),
and liver. Chronic Potential Health Effects: Skin: Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause allergic contact dermatitis.
Ingestion: Prolonged or repeated ingestion may cause hyperglycemia and may affect behavior/CNS (symptoms similar to that
of acute ingestion). Inhalation: Prolonged or repeated inhalation may affect behavior/CNS (with symptoms similar to ingestion),
and spleen.

For those of you who have used other eye drops, you'll know that before they absorb into the eye there is drainage into the nasal cavities and then into the throat, where it becomes ingested (even if in small amounts), without much ability to reject the drainage at all.


Peace and Love first...but question everything!

I also have attached the link for another chemical compound found in the other eye drop prescribed for use (Refresh Optive)...see below.


***I was also asked if I wanted to take "Restasis"...not! Check out the MSDS on the main ingredient: Cyclosporine.


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What he said.

It will not hurt you unless you drink a whole lot of it. Then you might get the runs. (That happens if one eats too much diet-candy made from propylene glycol.) If it burns your eyes, just wash it out. Most likely, it will do exactly what it is designed to do.

Those government-written blurbs are always scary. But in this case it says, "There is no residual discomfort or injury once it is washed."

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

I'm a retired ophthalmic medical technologist

I can assure you, the hot little pharmatute that supplies him with samples has proven to your ophthalmologist that those drops are EXACTLY what you need.... to help her meet her quarterly goals.
Flax seed oil or coconut oil or both, in your mouth - not your eye.
There are three layers to tear film, aqueous, mucilaginous and lipid. Drink enough water? I assume so if you are vegan, you must care about your diet. If you aren't making enough mucus, that is very odd. Usually, dry eye is a breakdown in the lipid layer, and so no matter now much aqueous layer you produce, it all evaporates away too fast. So supplement your GOOD fats to improve the quality of the lipid layer. And if you suffer from dry feeling eyes still, use saline.
Oh - the "dirty little secret" about systane... Glycol is in the "sugar" family... Sugar leads to cataracts... The sad thing is, your ophthalmologist knows these things, but no one has ever put them in one sentence for him, and so he compartmentalizes the knowledge and advises his diabetics to keep their sugar under control for the health of their eye, then tells you to put sugar in your eye.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


I think this stuff is in twinkies lol


Maybe it's the coconut oil

I learned about on the DP that is responsible for my improving eyesight. I've been taking about a tablespoon a day. Yesterday I was a bit shocked that I could read a magazine in my doctor's waiting room without my reading glasses. I hadn't thought about the coconut oil...



Glycol is a sugar alcohol and unrelated to diabetes.

The metabolism of sugar alcohols (glycol, xylitol, et cetera) does not affect blood glucose levels.

I love how you condescend physicians and mainstream science, then make flagrantly wrong science declarations.

Since you are now retired and are so interested in medicine, why don't you enroll in medical school? You love describing to people how medical school is corrupted by Big Pharma and teaching the wrong things, why don't you go check it out for yourself? You can give us the inside scoop. Be a watchdog from the inside.

I promised myself I would not bother, but...

It is not about metabolizing the sugar. The eye is mostly avascular. It is absorbed directly, the same way the eye drops are.
I got out of "healthcare" because it no longer provides health nor care, and I became a whistle blower, and a farmer. My life is good, honest, and I am told on a regular basis how I have helped someone.
Now, I asked you before, please just stop trolling me. You do not bother me, but you do not amuse me any more either. Prove me wrong, if you can. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, but your endless hysterical rants in defense of Pharma are just sad.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I'm not trolling you. I click on all of the science articles.

And there you are every time pushing pseudoscience, demanding to see dead-bodies, posting Scientology, and demonizing pharmaceuticals. I respond to your comments because many of your scientific and logical fallacies are so blatant. I upvote your comments (and others) when I agree with them (which is probably more often than you realize). As long as you aren't ranting against medicine you and I are usually on the same page.

It seems you made it your goal to ostracize drugs, particularly psychotropics, which is unfortunate for you if you don't want any opposition, as I am fascinated by pharmacology, especially mind-altering drugs, and will make a living by practicing mainstream medicine.

If you didn't notice, "Delysid" is the trade name of LSD.

You keep pointing it out, how can I not notice?

I don't care. Although they are doing marvelous things with healing mental illness with LSD, I still see no reason for Pharma to peddle their poison when there are plants that do the same thing. For free.
You are a med student then? That pretty much proves my point, doesn't it? You will not even listen to people who tell you their experience is not what Pharma claims it should be, instead you attack the person. You will be a very successful prescriber, I am sure.
I am just going to ignore you from now on, have your way with the insults.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Where do you think we get drugs from, Fishy?

I want you to please read this essay I posted to the DailyPaul about 6 months ago. If you read it then I ask you to please read it again.


Polypropylene glycol and insulin

A quick google search shows otherwise.

Free includes debt-free!

Are you talking about the propylene glycol and cows article?

That has to do with drenching (aka deworming) using massive doses of propylene glycol in cows. I didn't access the entire article but it seems to me that the relationship between insulin and propylene glycol was not a direct result of metabolism of the drug, but by drenching.

If you found something else please just post it. I can't read your mind.

**Edit** Downvoted for this comment? I dare you to reveal yourself and prove me wrong. I realize I have accumulated quite a few haters because of my defense of mainstream medicine, but this is getting ridiculous.

Human blood sugar studies not found


/Infant/ Sinus arrhythmia, tachypnea, tachycardia, stupor and hypoglycemia occurred in a 15-month-old boy who received 7.5 mL of propylene glycol as a solvent in vitamin C syrup.

Find: hyperglycemia, hypoglydemia and blood glucose. Human Case studies versus animal clinical trials often on cow.

Cow study suggested that PG affected insulin ability. But that's not in human cells. Odd that similar studies did no monitor human blood glucose.

http://www.inchem.org/documents/pims/chemical/pim443.htm#Sec... Main risks and target organs

Free includes debt-free!

Hyper and hypoglycemia?

I'd call that inconclusive.

I concur.

I concur. Inconclusive.
Insufficient human data for glucose blood levels.

Free includes debt-free!

You don't have a propylene glycol deficiency.

There are 60 essential minerals some trace, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 essential fats.

Vegans are famous for B12, amino acid and essential oil deficiencies.

All essential minerals are in seaweed and kelp. Soils are deficient and provide so surety. Plants mine minerals they cannot make them out of thin air.

Prove to yourself you have no deficiencies by megadosing for a couple of months.

Look for the cure.

Free includes debt-free!

I have a question for you Paul_S.

Do you believe the cause of ALL diseases are nutritional deficiencies?

? the cause of ALL diseases are nutritional deficiencies ?

Hello Mark,
All is an uncountable number. Of 17,500 autopsies of zoo animals that did not die of trauma most had identifiable symptoms of vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Diseases of Exotic Animals: http://www.amazon.com/Diseases-Exotic-Animals-Surgical-Manag...

All the diseases that I can do anything about are deficiency diseases. Those that are congenital and the few proven to be genetic are a problems, for sure.

Unless I can prove to my self that I am not deficient in any mineral even trace minerals then I'll seek a doctor. No one is going to take this responsibility away from me. Government wants to help, I don't believe it.

It makes sense to me to stay sufficient in the 90 proven essential vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals.

The mineral are problematic. Soils are often deficient.

Free includes debt-free!

non sequitur

non sequitur

Most diseases are due to food intolerances/allergies and

Most diseases are due to food intolerances/allergies and/or nutrient deficiencies often caused by mal-absorption due to the intestinal lining damage caused by the food intolerances/allergies.

Paul S is correct. His eyes are not dry because he has polypropylene glycol deficiency. Likewise, one does not get migraine headaches because one has an aspirin deficiency.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

The data seems to point away

The data seems to point away from your hypothesis...

Some diseases sure... but MOST.. come on...

The polypropylene glycol in this solution (or any generic equivalent) is intended to increase lubrication to protect the cornea for a short period of time and not for chronic long term use...

No one treats migraine with ASA as a first line, unless you are bayer/excedrin and selling over the counter. If you have a better solution to headache then lets have it...

I find cervical extension on a folded towel for 10-15 minutes to be very effective for HA pain, as well as an occipital release technique that was taught by A.T. Stills. However, 800 mg of ibuprophen is pretty effective too for people still have to actually work instead of going someplace to lay down for 30 minutes...

What data?

What data? You mean your beliefs point the other way.

Not my hypothesis, it's reality.

"If you have a better solution to headache then lets have it..."

I do have a better, REAL solution for migraine headaches, but you don't want to hear it...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

teased me.. but didn't

teased me.. but didn't present the treatment....

I treat 2-3 headaches a day and each one needs something different.. Most time I can get by with Osteopathic Manipulation and get good relief. Other times I need an NSAID to adjuct the OMT. Others, the patient usually knows, a triptan is needed...

Rarely I use phenergan/dyphenhydramine/toradol combination to get relief. Unfortuately this results in a sleepy patient...

If you have another option then I might add it to my toolbox. Headache is one of the bains of a family docs existance.


You're not interested in, nor

You're not interested in, nor would you understand the treatment.

Keep on doing what you do...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

deacon's picture

i am interested in

migraine treatments,other than main stream
i would greatly love to hear what you do and say
about it

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence



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i am seriously thinking about that route

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Email me. The naysayers on

Email me. The naysayers on here give me an incurable headache...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

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will do

in one moment

sent :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence