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Ron Paul Backers Likely to Complete Takeover of Iowa GOP on Saturday

The Republican Party of Iowa’s state central committee holds it biennial officer elections on Saturday, and in all likelihood, Ron Paul supporters will sweep all of the organization’s officer spots. That election comes on the heels of a Des Moines Register report that details financial troubles for RPI, due mainly to the Paul- affiliated leadership.

Current Chairman A.J. Spiker is running for reelection. His opponent is Bill Schickel, the current co-chair. A few party activists who are not current SCC members had considered running, but ultimately decided not to.

Spiker defeated Schickel on the second ballot in a 9-8 vote last February. This year’s vote is likely to be more lopsided in Spiker’s favor, the state vice-chair for Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign.

The makeup of the current SCC includes seven loyal Paul supporters who are guaranteed to support Spiker. He needs nine votes to win. Spiker has been telling people that he has secured enough votes to win.


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They should mention how massive a waste of money it was to run Romney. The Neo-Cons are done. They are disenfranchised and the big government philosophy that they pushed for war and federal reserve support is unwinding.

Our local treasurer was running for county chair and I just received a letter yesterday that he is withdrawing. Seems like the positions are opening up and who better to take the reigns than us?

Pondering running for 2nd vice chair. I think that what we have slacked on since the election is making sure that we are networking for GOP positions at all levels. Anyone here in Mesa County, CO?

I am supposed to raise funds for the Iowa GOP.

But the Iowa Republican Party is a political orphan. The sugar daddies that lavished their wealth on the old GOP establishment machine have closed up their checkbooks and encouraged their fat cat buddies to do the same. The MSM is more than happy to report the fact and blame the Ron Paul Republicans that have "hijacked" the party.

As a county chair and 2012 delegate to the RNC, I am the type of person that the state party has typically relied upon to recruit donors. I will confess that I am an amateur at this. And while I am not a twenty-something geek living in my mother's basement, I am also not your typical, socially well-connected, well-healed political activist. I don't belong to the country club, the Elks, Rotary, etc. I don't golf, square dance, or do community theater. I don't even belong to any of the right churches.

I live in one of the poorest, rural areas of the state. Most of my patients are on Medicare, Medicaid, or charity care. The people I know socially live paycheck-to-paycheck or are on Social Security.

I will do my best, but it is really frustrating to know that with just a tenth of what we raised in a single money bomb for Ron Paul's presidential campaign, we could fund the RPI for a year and drive a stake in the heart of the old political machine here in Iowa.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I see your frustration.

Our local GOP is lucky as it has a wealthy donor base and good local candidates. Unfortunately they were wtfpwnd during the presidential election but I am other county patriots are here reminding them that Ron Paul supporters are here and willing to pick up the slack. However this support is not monetary but is boots on the ground, creative networking, fearless activism and pushing free market solutions.

Money is not the solution. A network of liberty minded individuals is much more powerful than a piece of printed paper.

Donation link on RPI website:


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


>a Des Moines Register report that details financial troubles for RPI, due mainly to the Paul- affiliated leadership.

This article here on dailypaul should give details on how we can support the Iowa Republican Party to show that Paul supporters are not the problem. The problem is the rich Republican establishment who will only support the party if it is being led by neoconservatives and social conservatives. They quit giving money to the Republican party of Iowa when they saw that their good old boy network had collapsed.

The rich republican establishment?

The establishment is the Democratic Party, the Rich are within BOTH parties.

The GOP is being gutted with MSM and dirty politics by design.

Ron Paul saw what was going on and I believe one reason he remained within the GOP is RESTORING THE REPUBLIC is to take those empty seats.

My own committee should have had 24 seated membetrs. There were two, and both are middle class at best, and admitted they were Democrats who only joined the GOP to keep the seats warm (keep conservatives OUT).

The GOP is our battle ground.

And how you can help.. well if you're in Iowa, join the GOP, show up to meetings and get in this good fight. If you are not in Iowa, join your local GOP and give support to those who are working from within.

GOP has much to offer, but they are not going to just give it to us. They want a fight. Let's give it to them.


Keep going.

Check this out from the IA GOP website:

Fellow Iowa Republicans,

It is a great privilege to serve as Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. Hard work and dedication from Iowa Republicans have brought success to our party and I am tremendously proud of the elected officials, county leaders and volunteers throughout our great state.

Our Republican Party is returning Iowa to its roots and helping to restore the principles of limited government, free markets and the Constitution. Please join us as we continuing our progress and win elections in 2012 and beyond. You can learn more about the leadership of our party via the links below. On to Victory!

AJ Spiker
Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa


...if only every state GOP had such a message, we'd be in business.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Money talks...

I'm in Iowa and I can vouch for the sabatage going on, I have seen it first hand more than a few times. County level on up. The way to change things is truly by puting our money where our mouths are. $5 at a time or $5000. If you/we want to be taken seriously it is going to take sending money to the Iowa GOP and others like it.

The Iowa SCC (and RPI) has some awesome, liberty minded people. RPI needs and deserves our continued support.

we need to take over all local and state

it will end up being state rights versus "democratic voting" real soon here.

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great to see dp is alive and well

i think this comment page is what ron paul movement is supposed to be about.. whatever you armchairs would like to call it.. freedom movement.. Libertarian movement..


I think my committee seat eliminates me from the armchairs?


Like everything, there are pros and cons. While it is important to vote issues, vote elections and take over seats, which I agree is critical, you are nonetheless speaking within a room, to a club that has got us where we are today.

It will take an entire generation to change their socialistic ways, gop included, to understand what this Republic, Liberty, is supposed to stand for. It is the people who do not participate on a regular basis, but do vote at their precincts, who must hold their elected accountable.

That is where I step in. And now that Ron is retired, that is his direction as well.

Do not discount that it takes ALL of us. We are the r3VOLution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

SteveMT's picture

Reality check: Remember that this is the GOP.

The same GOP that changes the rules whenever it suits their needs and the same GOP that throws out duly elected delegates onto the street without an explanation. They wouldn't even let Rand Paul speak the name "Ron Paul" in Tampa. How low will this these people go to get the result that they want? Answer: very, very, low.

I want to believe that this will happen, but the ruthlessness of the GOP has ceased amazing me. They have not been fair with us up to now, so why would they change in the future? Be prepared for their surprises.

Remember their rules change:

"This past Friday, the RNC’s Convention Rules Committee voted – after several contentious votes -to change the party’s rules to allow future presidential candidates to have veto power over who can be delegates from any state – in other words, take power away from the grassroots and their ability to elect fellow conservatives as delegates."

One word


For The Power of The Republic!

In the midst of so much disappointment....

this is WONDERFUL news!

How did the Ron Paul people

How did the Ron Paul people bring about financial troubles for the Republican Party of Iowa?

This is how

So here's how it worked.

RPI (Republican Party of Iowa) is financially supported through fundraisers and direct support.

The major fundraisers are all pre-caucus, like the Ames Straw Poll. Spiker did not assume the Chairmanship until after the caucus, after the resignation of Matt Strawn.

After the State Convention, Paul supporters gained a clear majority of the State Central Committee.

As a result of this, direct support to RPI was essentially cut off because long time supporters of the more social conservative and mainstream Republicans who had typically run RPI refused to contribute to RPI, not trusting how the new SCC would allocate funds.

Since then, the contributions have remained withheld because the SCC chose to support all candidates instead of only highly viable candidates, which may have contributed to the losses in some competitive races with more viable candidates than the ones that were clearly lost and were going to be clearly lost.

This is how the mainstream is choosing to fight back against the Paul-supporter regime.

It goes to show that they actually would rather lose than see us succeed at the helm of the Party.

thank you

thank you for this breakdown .

I sure hope...

they don't get cheated out of a win like what happened in Miami...or at the RNC in Tampa! Stay vigilant for the dishonesty!!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

I'm donating $20 to the IAGOP if the RPers win

I do not live in IA.

Please keep this bumped and let us know the results!

If the RPers end up controlling the state Exec Comm and state Central Comm, the IAGOP will get $20 from me!!!!!

not only money, but an overwhelming show of support

This is a great seed considering the overt corruption of the prior organization and the division that it caused the Ron Paul camp during his nomination process.
I am encouraged to see so many comments and posts on the Daily Paul to this day.
I know first hand and you can check my prior posts to verify this, but "the fix was in" against Ron Paul starting with Iowa.
I will always attribute my greatest educational moment in politics to the understanding of why all of the post straw poll political pundits laughed at a prospect of the Ron Paul nomination. It is because they understood the system better than I did.
I was naive in thinking that the candidate with the most support would win. In hind sight I cannot believe how short sighted I was to think that elections would be held by the ballot boxes.
"They" say that the Tea Party is dead, well if this is the case why do "they" keep trying to convince us of that.
One lesson we should all learn from the debacle in Iowa is to damn the torpedo's and go all in from the start of the nomination process.
Let's have a show of force next time in Iowa.

This is politics, dude. PARTY politics.

Support = $$$.

If RPers win, you want to show support? Send them dough.

Jesse Benton could not have said it better

Ok, don't go to Iowa...stay home and send us your money.

You're a jack@ss.

Take the money you would have spent on the dumb trip and send the RPers your $.

You're still a newbie at how things work in politics is what's obvious.

This isn't the LP, this is the big leagues.

I will match that donation

The Revolution chugs along

me 3

me 3



Each State Needs to be Active at this time to do the Same Work.

Iowa Liberty Movement looks to be leading the way.

Liberty Strongholds like Nevada, need to show "Visible Signs" of activism at this time so to encourage other states as well.

Go Iowa!

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