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The Courts & Conflict Resolution - Let's Think About What Probably Happened

This is my last DP post for a while... good luck.

Think rationally and reasonably about conflict resolution now. I'm going to tell you what I think the founders probably did.

Now if there is anyone here at the Daily Paul that actually TRUSTS the "government" you're not going to agree with me on this. Okay fine we're just going to have to agree to disagree. The point however I'm trying to make by that statement is that it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that we have been lied to and our history books are probably about 98% LIES.

We are being HERDED AROUND exactly like CATTLE by our emotions. This should be also BLATANTLY OBVIOUS to anyone who is actually paying a decent amount of attention and has at least some issue with... for example... how many shooters were at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or maybe you think it's kinda strange the towers on 9/11 didn't fall over due to fire... instead of fall into their own footprint at free-fall speed.

The victor in war writes the history books. We probably have no clue about our actual history in this country. I'm starting to disbelieve some of this stuff being spread around about George Washington... John Adams and especially James Hamilton.

A brave patriot by the name of Bill Cooper once warned us that part of the NWO plan was to start demonizing the founders.

So... now... I'm going to pretend I'm one of the founders. Who knows maybe I was and I've been reincarnated in this lifetime, but the point is I'm going to imagine what it was like to have a King in England who ruled over me with an iron fist... NEVER listening to my grievances. A completely DISHONORABLE KING. The purpose of having a King is for our protection from marauders... thieves and pirates.... so we can live peacefully... right?

We do whatever we can to resolve things peacefully... at which point we finally decide we can't stand it any longer. We then write a Declaration of Independence. This is one last petition to the FORMER King that if you cross this line... people are going to have to die... and we really don't want to KILL anyone. It's not like we would take up arms and invade England... we just want to be LEFT ALONE.

After finally winning a war we decide that we will NEVER AGAIN allow government to tell ANYONE what to do. Now we have to figure out how to have a peaceful society without complete anarchy.

Let's say I've got some issue with you. I bring it to your attention. You disagree with me. At this point we can either agree to disagree or at least both agree on a mediator in the discussion. The mediator can be anyone both you and I agree on. He is a referee to make sure we don't call each other names - we just stick to the facts and present the evidence.

Next the founders probably wanted to make sure that there is OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that whoever did the initial complaining is solidly in the right... and in the case of a belligerent defendant... that the punishment FORCED on him is JUST. Okay so we're reading our Bibles one day and we see that Jesus had 12 disciples... they all agreed with him... but did they?

Let's analyze that from a reasonable line of thought.

Maybe Jesus wasn't PERFECT as you think of the word "perfect." Maybe he was instead someone who was ABLE TO ADMIT when he was wrong and was incredibly adept at self-evaluation. Maybe his disciples corrected him at times and said "Hey Jesus I think you got this part wrong here... I think you should think about that some more."

So Jesus then says "Yeah you know what, you got a great point there... I think YOU are right and I was wrong. We should do it your way!"

You see I believe TRUTH is like the answer to a math question. I believe that 2 + 2 = 4. That's why I always loved math. There was always only ONE answer to a question and you knew you got it right. There was no possible way you could be wrong and that was a pretty good feeling. Nobody likes to be thinking "man I hope I'm not wrong about this."

So now back to the founders. (Which is us in this practice in deep thinking - using REASON).

Wise men are instructed by reason;
Men of less understanding, by experience;
The most ignorant, by necessity;
The beasts by nature.
Letters to Atticus[?], Marcus Tullius Cicero

So we decide that... or maybe the Bible was written correctly... I don't know... but we somehow knew that the disciples were able to help Jesus come up with a darn good plan for peace, prosperity and happiness... so we wanted to model our new country based on what Jesus was able to accomplish.

So we decide that 12 is a good number. Now we believe... as we laid out in our Declaration of Independence that there are SELF-EVIDENT truths. You know not to kill anyone. You know not to steal from them. You know that if you make an agreement with someone else... you should honor your word and stick to that agreement... even if it doesn't work out for you. At best... you should at least RE-NEGOTIATE the agreement with the other party and if they do not agree that's just tough luck because - you made an agreement.

Now back to our issue... just you and me.

I'm complaining about something you've done for whatever reason. I say "Hey why did you let your hogs come over and get into my compost pile?" You say to me "Heck it's just a compost pile... get over it."

Now I'm really pissed at you because you're being a jerk about it. I think you should replace some of the compost because now I'm out a lot of compost that I was going to be using for my garden.

You tell me to "piss off."

Now I got three choices.

1) Let it go.

2) Come over and shoot you and take your compost... or just steal it and risk wanting you to shoot me...

3) Tell someone... possibly an elected sheriff... that "Hey can you please resolve this for me... so and so won't resolve it with me himself."

So the sheriff picks a mediator and then selects a jury. The mediator is going to be someone generally trusted by the community. The jurors then would need to be a jury of peers and generally... everyone in the community were their peers.. they probably didn't have all this technology dividing them on all kinds of issues like gay marriage or abortion... or even religion.

Initially... there are 25 people that meet with me and decide if my complaint warrants them to go and - by force... bring you in to stand trial as my defendant. If a majority of them agree... now we're going to have a trial.

Remember. At this point all we have are SELF-EVIDENT LAWS. There isn't this massive horror of 6 million statutes that nobody has any clue about and is then blanketed over an entire society.

Now we want to make sure that there is no reasonable doubt that my proposed relief should not be followed and FORCED upon the defendant...but at the same time not make it impossible for me to get my relief without going over there and shooting him.

So the founders decide to make it a unanimous decision of the jury (of 12 now) that whatever self-evident law I'm proposing... IN THIS CASE ONLY - is a JUST law of the case. Now obviously since I'm the one deciding what the law is... maybe I'm kinda kooky so the founders decide that the defendant... while not being able to make the law since he's a defendant... only needs to get ONE of the twelve to agree that he should not be punished.

Now obviously none of these jurors can have a conflict of interest in the case. They can't be personal friends of either me or you... but they generally have similar views about the way things should run in a peaceful society.

This is called common sense. Rational thinking... reasonable conclusions and SELF-EVIDENT TRUTH. What you see all around you today is TYRANNY. Rule of the few by force over the many. Don't kid yourself into thinking we even have a democracy. Even if that was a good thing... it turned bad as soon as the process lost it's transparency which means paper ballots, with NO NAMES ON THEM (to the advantage of the monied interests which allows ignorant people to just do a multiple choice or pick a "straight party ticket.") and counted in FULL PUBLIC VIEW.

If we are not ruled by laws which are self-evident to us then there can be no way to have a peaceful society.

“It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” – James Madison."

"Truth is treason in an empire of lies." – George Orwell