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A One Finger Salute To Law Enforcement (Positive Court Ruling)

Although somewhat amusing, this ruling is favorable for people to express disapproval of law enforcement. The "bird" is the word!


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This is kind of funny to me:

Just earlier this morning I was driving an old friend of mine somewhere and we pulled in to a 7-11 parking lot. There was a MD. state trooper just about to leave and my old friend decided to flip him the bird. He later told me that he did it just to see what would happen. He's a bit of a trip to hang out with.
Well the officer wasn't too happy and decided to come have a talk with us.
I had to calm the officer down and told him my old friend had a couple of strokes and was probably having a flash back or something and he was a bit retarded from them. He has seen me get out of countless tickets and other things while just trying to live like a free man and he just likes pulling crap like that on me. Strange sense of humor I guess. But the officer said he understood and knew there was no law against being an a$$ and that it was just a gesture meant to mess with his day and he went on his way. Actually, he was pretty decent about it all.
One day, I'm going to pull one on him and see how he likes it.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I know the type. ;)