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Cooperstown & Steroids: A Libertarian Take

With the votes for the MLB Hall of Fame having been cast, and results upcoming, I’d like to take a moment to look at an annual tradition. Every year since Jose Conseco famously “named names” and pointed the finger at Major League Baseball and some of its now infamous steroid users and abusers, a ritual takes place on every sports talk show, website and newspaper column. The annual Debating of the ‘Roids.

On it’s surface we can all decry the “cheaters” in baseball as being uncouth and immoral in general – for, after all, who likes a cheater? None of us like to be taken advantage of and enjoy operating under the illusion that all is fair. Ron Paul even mentioned in his farewell speech that he would enjoy America far more if we allowed people to thrive on their natural talents instead of providing them with government boosts to even the playing field. (more on this later)

However, the argument against steroid users in baseball is utterly ridiculous and here is why:

Steroids only became illegal in 1990 through the Controlled Substances Act in the Anabolic Steroid Control Act. That means that an entire generation of players that are now becoming eligible for the Hall of Fame used them before they were outlawed legally in the U.S or by MLB. And the NDEA, FDA, AMA and NIDA all OPPOSED adding them to the list of banned substances. Naturally though, Congress being Congress decided that they knew what was best for everyone and banned it anyway. Baseball banned steroids in 1991, but didn’t really enforce this until 2004. Why? Well… Continue Reading

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It's a total joke

How the writers pick and choose who was "clean" and "dirty" , regardless of evidence. Guys like Jeff Bagwell and Mike Piazza might not get in just because they played then and some people think they "look" like guys that were on steroids. And maybe they were! Remember the part where it wasn't even against the rules for much of the time"? And there was so many different factors and cheating in baseball over the years from spitballz to amphetamines to mound sizes.

The idea that Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens, whatever you think of them personally, should not be in the Hall of Fame is ridiculous. Who qualifies as famous then? They were the best of their era, no matter how you look at it. Put a plaque explaining the context if you must, but they can't just be sent down the memory hole!

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Jose tried to extort

money from Magglio Ordonez after he won the 2007 batting title. Magg's ratted him out. What goes around comes around.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

Completely agree. I've ranted about this before.

Personally I think the obsession with preventing the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports is group insanity. Sports officials and natural-living fanatics are acting like crazed witch hunters trying to make a demon out of every athlete in their pointless exercise to arbitrarily 'clean' up sports. They are even retroactively changing the record books, which to me is laughably ridiculous. This mindset has nothing to do with sport and everything to do with political correctness and superstition. Anti-doping laws don't make sports more fair! After all, some people are born with superior genes to other people. That's not fair. Some people also work harder than other people. That's not fair. Some people have access to better diets and better physical training resources. That's not fair either.

Doing everything you can to win while staying in the established rules to find out who is the best is the whole point of sports. There is no sport in the world that has anti-drug policy as part of the rules. These anti-drug policies were made up by governing bodies who took control over these sports. Using performance enhancing drugs is not cheating and it is not wrong. Should we retroactively retract Nobel Prizes because the recipient used drugs during the discovery? Should we strip the medals of soldiers because they used a stimulant in battle? Should we throw out the highest score on an exam in medical school because the student drank caffeine while studying?

Very good points

And to add... Some would even say that steroids actually level the playing field. Why ? Well, in some cases two athletes can put the exact same amount of work, or even athlete B can put in much more work than athelete A, but athlete A beats him due to their genetic superiority. With both of them taking steroids both are at the same level hormone-wise, so with the increased efforts of athlete B, athlete B wins due to their superior dedication.

So really the whole thing boils down on whether you put value on genetics or hard work.

Granted, athlete B with steroids would probably be better than athlete A without steroids, even with less effort. That's where athlete A can decide to either start taking them , so only hard work remains, or athlete A can go to a sport/organization that explicitly bans this.

Crap like this needs to be taken away from the useless bureaucrats and be given to the sports orgs to decide whether they want enhanced or natural athletes, based on what set of values the particular organization may have.

Screw Cooperstown. Without Pete Rose, it ain't a hall of fame.

My husband favors letting them juice it up, it is their body. You wanna be a superstar, turn yourself into a freakazoid super-athlete if you want. Maybe when there are actually people beating each other to death on live TV Americans will finally object to having the lie box in their home.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I'm pretty sure they do it now! Ever seen UFC?

Or maybe I just missed your sarcasm.

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An absolute disaster, like everything else they touch - not a single athlete really got convicted on this (not that they should , but just saying), yet 1000s of regular Joes like firemen, policemen, teachers and such end up in prison due to steroid use. How frickin' ridiculous is that !? We send our productive members of society to prison for using performance enhancers. WTF ?