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Local News Broadcaster Nichole Mischke from KHQ following Ben Swann's Foot Steps!

It's time to add another journalist to your watch list, Nichole Mischke.

She took a risk late December and made a piece that asked the real questions about what is really going on in Washington. She brought on Dale Fruit and the conversation then got truly informative for people who still watch mainstream news.


This piece was such a hit they are now making a part two. The subject will be ENDING THE FED! I know, right! Look for it on January 7th!

This was announced on her twitter page:


"An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government." - Ron Paul

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This is some good watching!

What is in this video, is the ideas that need to be known by all , to make this world a better place.

One HALF, %50 , of every transaction across the western world is controlled by this system, They own and control the money supply, As
they own and run the central banks.

For Power and Profit, they run the biggest counterfieting operation the world has ever seen, with that counterfieted money they dictate markets, and manipulate the media, they carry out "off the record" black-ops, and instigate wars, they keep certin people down, and make sure certain people stay up.

The economic system of debt based fractional reserve banking is the key to understanding why the world is the way it is today.

They steal from all of us, they use our efforts, our sweat, to create the world they desire.

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Emailed KHQ

...thanked them for the journalism.

Good for her!

Keep up the good work Nichole.



Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

BUMP ~ Real Journalism

Another good video most here have probably viewed! This is the one I suggest people search for on YouTube if they want to know more after I've shared with them that the Federal Reserve is not Federal. I let them know the Federal Reserve is not in the blue government pages, it is in the white pages next to Fed Ex. This usually gets them interested. From there they can see other similar videos to the right of this one if their curiosity is aroused. This is one I plan on putting on a business card I can pass out with other websites (including Daily Paul of course) and youtube videos for newly awakened. The business cards are free at Vista Print: http://www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/studio3.aspx?pf_id=064&combo...

No name or phone number needs to be shared, strictly information.

Money, Banking and The Federal Reserve

Video (42:08): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYZM58dulPE



this is great news! literally

it all starts with a small snowball, and that snowball gets bigger with downward momentum. Pretty soon the avalanche will come and journalism will be restored. People need to use these pieces to show other journalists what real stories look like. Inform, educate, share, rinse, repeat, inform educate, share..... That is how we win the war. Planting seeds and watching others do the work for us.

Agreed except for the last part

I don't want anyone doing my work for me. Doing the work WITH me, however, is much appreciated. ;)

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Pretty good



Put this in your post:

"Money Masters - Full Length"

EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about money... and I know a lot of people around here MAY think they got it covered but I'll bet you after watching that video... you will find out that was not the case.

Gold backed currency is NOT the answer. Let's not make that same mistake again... and again... and again... and...

Just for those who are interested, here is a critical look...

at Still's work, by G. Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island".

An analysis of the documentaries Money Masters and Capital Crimes
© 2006 by G. Edward Griffin. Updated 2010 October 11

"They are excellent productions with a great deal of history and professionally created images... There is just one problem. They offer a false solution – which is to say they offer no solution at all"

State controlled money is not

State controlled money is not the answer either.Unless you want bigger government and less freedom.Free market money is the answer not more money monopolies.People should be able to transact in what they want without any central controllers.Gold and silver would probably lead the way but other forms of money would emerge too.We really don't know what will emerge yet because we don't have a free market in money but paper by government never works for long.

If not Gold

then what?!
Do you prefer fiat?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

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Many choices...

Having watched the first 2 hours or so of The Money Masters, I can say that gold is not as prevalent under the US as silver is. So that's one good reason not to go to a "gold" standard; there's more gold under Europe, so it benefits the (generally European-based) international bankers.

Another great method was tally sticks, where the king took a piece of wood, notched a denomination, and split it lengthwise; then one piece stayed in the king's treasury, the other was circulated. To get payment from the king (e.g., real money, gold or silver), one took the stick there and it was matched against its mate, then paid out.

No fiat.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Anarchists can't defend anything they say.

He's an Anarchist, and Anarchists can't defend anything they say. He doesn't know WHY people use Gold as money or why it wins out amongst productive people as a portable exchange of value.

Imagine if we used a million different commodities to back up a million different forms of receipt money in a free market contest were the best money wins. I'd love to hear him make the case for why something could beat gold.

Is it perfect? No. It's just more reliable than anything he'll suggest and wins for a reason.

My money says you're right, he'll want some form of fiat garbage. Perhaps seawater? Grains of sand? Bits of information? Dog turds? With an Anarchist, anything is possible.

Sure we can. We own guns.

I don't know what that has to do with defending or tolerating fiat currency, but by and large anarchists are generally well equipped to defend themselves.

Most anarchists (as opposed to nihilist posers who call themselves "anarchists") are likelier to respect the value of specie over feces, but if you want to use woof biscuits be my guest. Anarchists are plenty cool about letting other people do their own goofy stuff as long as we're not dragged along. I think you may have come into a bad batch of anarchists. Like everybody else, we have our share of cretins, creeps, and criminals.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Might doesn't make right.

"Sure we can. We own Guns."

Grab your gun then tin soldier? Show me that you're right and I'm wrong, just don't act all surprised when you realize how badly outgunned Anarchists are.

Like I've said many times; Anarchists serve a broken and worthless ideology that in the end amounts to "might makes right". They can't defend their broken ideas with reason or logic, and ultimately that leaves them with nothing but a gun in their hand and a finger up their nose.

When dealing with nihilists, the words that come out of their mouths are by their own definition worthless garbage, meaningless and vapid noises emitted from a hole on their face; something without value.

A nihilist is incapable of making a moral judgment or differentiating between right and wrong because they don't understand that right and wrong do exist, so of course they have guns to make their arguments for them and of course they can't defend their own words or ideas with reason and logic. Of course they believe that the gun in their hand is what can save them, but none of that changes the fact that they serve a broken ideology that they can't defend with words; only violence.

They're bad fruit.

Anarchy is freedomsreigning's white whale

I don't think I've seem him/her go more than three posts without making sweeping generalizations about *all* Anarchists (also seems to be the go-to 'insult' of his/hers).

It's always the same old song and dance, too. FR will start off saying that Anarchists want to destroy everything, that they hate everyone, and at one point s/he even said Anarchists wanted to "burn all the dictionaries". Whenever someone calls FR on it, s/he'll start calling names and saying that Anarchists always insult everyone and refuse to defend their positions. Pot? Kettle?

FR usually makes good posts, but for some reason s/he turns into a rabid, MSM-esque mouthpiece whenever s/he brings up Anarchy.

Remember how Brother Winston was with the endless, and usually unfounded, Rand Paul bashing? Well, FR is the 'Brother Winston' of Anarchism. At this point, I'm just going to assume that FR wants to remain willfully ignorant, because s/he continues to use sweeping generalizations and outright lies.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going off to shoot a bunch of heroin, then torch a pile of dictionaries while sporting a studded leather jacket and a neon pink mohawk.

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Meaningless Anarchist tripe.

Meaningless Anarchist tripe.

You'd have more luck defending your broken ideas with a gun than insults. It reminds me of how the GJ people thought they could bully and insult people into voting for him.

It ends badly for you, just like it ended badly for GJ.

PS Please, stop flattering yourself. Anarchists aren't my "white whales". I'm not Captain Ahab, and they aren't Moby-Dick. Anarchists are BEACHED WHALES; a stinking pile of blubber born from a very bad idea that can be used to fill lamps.

Part II with Dale Fruit on 01.07.13

per twitter - she also says "End the Fed!"

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix


You're right, I think I jumped the gun on the subject. It wouldn't surprise me though if that was the subject. Judging from the previous piece.

Great reporting

Nicole and Dale,
I watched your program on the "fiscal cliff"; I only wish Scott Pelley, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer were as inquisitive and interested in informing the American people about the nation's unpayable debt and pending fiscal crisis.
Unfortunately, I think they're more interested in producing public relations propaganda and creating cover for the criminals on Wall Street and soul-selling dimwits in Washington.
Keep up the great journalistic work, which surely will enlighten a few people previously in the dark.

Let them know how many viewers they are reaching


News Room - (509) 448-4656
News Assignment Desk - q6news@khq.com
Nichole Mischke - Nichole.Mischke@KHQ.com

Dale Fruit - corporatelogic@me.com

PS. Thanks for making this front page! They deserve the recognition.

Thank you!

Will call later today!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


This was a great intro for someone who has no clue what is going on. I can't believe the story about someone in Washington leaning over to Ron Paul saying, you mean our dollar isn't back by gold (or anything!)? Oh wait, I can. I was that oblivious once. But not in Washington right! lol

Correct me if I am wrong...

Sure, she delivers the story in a professional manner. Sure, she actually investigated the backstory and asked relevant questions of her guest. Sure, she let the guest actually fully answer the questions. And sure, she is even very pretty. But she is not "Newswoman material." No boob job.
Rock it, Nichole! Nothing looks hotter on a gal than a big old rack of TRUTH up front!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

bump for front page

we need more of this kind of reporting.

She only has 168 twitter followers

Let's help her out, what do you say.

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    but i dont use twitter much

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    Thanks for the update

    Let's be sure to send her our support when she takes these risks so she knows how important it is to cover stories like this.