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Cop tickets 85 year old with cane for expired handicapped parking sticker - THEN things got stupid.

That's right - the ticket is the most reasonable thing in this whole story.

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Oh, Denver

Denver, Denver, Denver

Defend Liberty!

Is there anyone near Denver

that can go to that Home Depot and ask some questions? Find out if the security video is available?

No one is safe. Veterans are a primary target. They hate people.

This system has become a cancer.


I hope this old boy

will be around long enough to see a culmination of his Federal lawsuit against the PD and the store. Seems like they were targeting handicapped individuals.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Yea, okay...

'The officer said he has “stunned” Copeland responded the way he did adding “he could have killed me.”'

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Wish Gun Control Freaks

could see that it will not be so easy to take our stuff.

Shame on them.

This old guy has a lot of spunk.


Denver PD you should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!