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Hagel seems to be back on the list

I thought they dropped him but now it seems he might be in :


Good ? Bad ?


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Hagel = CFR.

The "smear campaign" was just typical fake "politics" in D.C.

He's one of the elite monkey war monger banker b*tch military-industrial complex stooges.

What would the Founders do?

I generally judge a man on his enemies....

{If Bill Kristol hates him, how bad could he be?]

Meanwhile, Hagel's detractors are moving forward with their campaign against the nomination, which has been expanding ever since The Cable first reported in November that Hagel was in consideration for the Pentagon post. That campaign has included anonymous Senate aides calling Hagel an anti-Semite, the Washington Post editorial board writing that, "Chuck Hagel is not the right choice for defense secretary," and the Emergency Committee for Israel, which counts among its board members Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, running a television ad criticizing Hagel's opposition to unilateral sanctions against Iran. "For secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel is not a responsible option," the ad claims.

"Even if one left aside Chuck Hagel's dangerous views on Iran and his unpleasant distaste for Israel and Jews, a dispassionate analyst would have to conclude that the case for Hagel is extraordinarily weak," Kristol wrote in an editorial Friday, in which he urged Obama to choose Carter, Flournoy, or Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

read more http://thecable.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2013/01/04/obama_exp...

Forgive me for my ignorance on the subject

but I wanted to give you a bump while I research Hagel.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

For your research, here's the

For your research, here's the best article I've found on his foreign policy. You'll fall in love.

Yes, go research Hagel! I'm

Yes, go research Hagel! I'm bumping b/c I already have :)