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Chuck Hagel likely to be nominated as Secretary of Defense next week

Despite the smear campaign against Hagel, I just heard it on public radio tonight that former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) will in all likelihood be nominated as Secretary of Defense by President Obama next week possibly Monday or Tuesday. This is being echoed by reports from Foreign Policy, The Daily Beast and NBC News. Support for Hagel’s nomination is mounting an organized effort so there is still hope for his nomination.

Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense: Israel Proponents Launch Outrageous Smear Attack On Presumptive Nominee

Leading foreign policy voices mount pro-Hagel defense – CNN

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Zbigniew Brzezinski has signed a letter of support for Hagel ...

need we say more?

What's wrong with that?

Yes, You need to say way more. Brzezinski maybe did some bad things back in the Carter administration, but he's also honest about Israeli influence. Foreign Politcs is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It's about "America First" versus "Israel First". Hagel is one of the few America firsters. Who cares if he was a closet Democrat?!

Chuck Hagel is NOT the man we want, trust me

Warning!! As a Nebraska resident, I have watched Republican Chuck Hagel's politics for decades, now. In this last year, he endorsed Democrat Bob Kerry (who resides in New York, by the way) over Nebraska resident and Republican Deb Fisher for the US Senate. Democrat Ben Nelson was going to be defeated because his was the deciding vote to pass Obamacare. So, he decided not to run when his upcoming loss was very apparent. The Democrats needed somebody to run, and the only person they could come up with was ex Gov Bob Kerry, who hasn't lived in Nebraska for years, and was the president of a New York University! They finagled the rules so Kerry could run even without living in Nebraska. He was behind in the polls, so pretty shortly before the election, Republican Hagel endorsed Democrat Bob Kerry to try to defeat newcomer Republican Deb Fisher for the Senate seat, and preserve a Democrat majority in the Senate. We all knew (us Nebraskans) that most likely Hagel was offered some plum job to do this. Well, guess what ... it has come to pass. So please don't go spewing platitudes about Chuck Hagel ... he is a snake. He didn't have a good enough reputation in Nebraska to help seasoned politician Bob Kerry defeat a first time candidate Deb Fisher ... so take our word for it!

Can you name someone else who

Can you name someone else who would be better, and don't say Ron Paul?

A cocker spaniel would do

A cocker spaniel would do well...

Southern Agrarian

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I'll celebrate only when Obm actually fulfills his

promise as advertised ;-) Got burnt with false-expectations too many times with him.

Only Secretary of Defense in 30 years with combat experience

Ray McGovern: Obama needs Hagel in the Pentagon.


Major Test for Israel Lobby

Major Test for Israel Lobby As Obama Leans to Hagel for Pentagon


"Hagel's nomination presents AIPAC and other like-minded groups with a tough choice," said Stephen Walt, a Harvard professor and co-author of the 2007 "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy." "They may not like his reasonable approach toward Iran and his willingness to speak the truth about certain Israeli policies, but he's a decorated war hero who is hardly hostile to Israel...

There is also resistance from retired senior military, intelligence, and foreign service officers who share a "realist" foreign policy perspective and oppose the kind of adventurism favoured by neo-conservatives, including Kristol, who led the charge into Iraq 10 years ago and are now beating the drums for war with Iran...

For example, four former national security advisers, including Brent Scowcroft (Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan), Zbigniew Brzezinski (Jimmy Carter), Gen. James Jones (Obama), and a former Reagan defence secretary, Frank Carlucci, as well as several former chiefs of the U.S. Central Command (CentCom) have signed letters in support of Hagel."

Hagel = CFR.

The "smear campaign" was just typical fake "politics" in D.C.

He's one of the elite monkey war monger banker b*tch military-industrial complex stooges.

What would the Founders do?

He may be in the CFR, but I

He may be in the CFR, but I don't think that "war monger" is an accurate description. His foreign policy views seem to be more in agreement with what most people on this site would advocate than any one else under consideration.

Drain the swamp!

Here's a bit more on his

Here's a bit more on his foreign policy.

Better than a Romney neocon pick

It’s interesting that the same racial attacks on Hagel are the same kind of smears against Ron Paul just because they both espouse policies which have not been to the exact liking of AIPAC et al. The neocons are out in full force against Hagel which would seem to counter your allegation that Hagel is a MIC plant. If anything, his taking controversial stands against Iran sanctions and the war in Iraq provide a stellar contrast to the pounding of McCain’s and Lieberman's war drums. I would rather see someone like Hagel overseeing Pentagon cutbacks vs. an out and out neocon-supported stooge gratifying MIC lobbyists under a Romney ultra-right-wing presidency.