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Iron Maiden Singer Bruce Dickinson: Civil servants are institutionally prejudiced against entrepreneurial activity...

At The Wall Street Journal, Anne Jolis speaks to a tenacious British businessman battling against arbitrary government regulation: Iron Maiden singer and "serial entrepreneur" Bruce Dickinson, who recently opened the airline maintenance firm Cardiff Aviation Ltd. Here’s a snippet from her superb profile of the man who went “from heavy metal to heavy industry”:
"Clearly aviation is a highly regulated industry, and it does take time for the wheels to grind," Mr. Dickinson says carefully. At first glance, he almost blends in with the dark-suited bankers milling through the courtyard of the Royal Exchange. Look closer and you'll spot the rocker, his navy suit in pinwale corduroy, the hair a good two fingers longer than City standard.

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I knew I loved Maiden for a

I knew I loved Maiden for a reason!

"tell me why I have to be a powerslave"

he should have sung at the top of his lungs while doing an air guitar...

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Thanks for posting.

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